Posted by: Makakai | May 15, 2009

On Starting a Healer

So I lurk on several sites especially recently to pick up some tips on being a better pvp disc priest (more on that later) and I thought I would share my thoughts regarding a recent forum topic on becoming a healer.  First, how did I know I would be a  healer and did I always know? My answer requires history on how I got into WoW…

My very first character was/is a Troll Shaman, which I intended from the start to be Ele (maybe Resto) that I started leveling w/ my brother’s Hunter through RaF. Our second pair was a set of druids, he wanted to make a second druid to be full time feral, and I wanted to make a Resto druid like his 70 drood.  We were making great progress on our druids (him tanking and me booming w/ some off-heals), and the shammy/hunter pair had fallen to the wayside. In the meantime, while he was playing his 70 toons, I was quietly leveling a shadow priest to level 20. This was mostly due to his antipathy for his hunter, but we just weren’t feeling the love w/ that pair. So he says, “hey, wanna try to pair up your squishy w/ my squishy (a mage)?”. I jumped at the squishy assist, and we proceeded to level our “squishies” for about 5 levels or until we realized that the slow leveling compared to the droods was due to the tank/healer combination. He promplty switched to leveling a random lowbie pally he had sitting around and off we went.  So we had our 2 “droods” and our “twins”, him providing the tank/dps and me providing the heal/dps.

Therefore, I can say that basically from the start I was Green Bar Spec’d


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