Posted by: Makakai | May 20, 2009

Innervate Authentication

So the latest patch dropped yesterday while I was at work (I’m in EST). I get home, start-up WoW, and run into the authentication bug. Knowing my guildies, several are always signed into the TeamSpeak server just to chat while doing quests, instances, pvp, etc. I hop on and clue them into the authentication issue by keeping a running tally of the number of pages the forum post is up to when our co-GL signs onto TS too! Apparently I wasn’t the only one in my guild that was having the issue… While waiting for the authentication server to recognize us we start discussing the latest patch notes for 3.1.2. One of the biggest changes we were discussing was the Druid Innervate effect on mana:

Innervate: This ability has been redesigned to grant 450% of the casting Druid’s base mana pool to the target over 20 seconds.

It turns out that 450% of the casting Druid’s base mana pool actually improves the effectiveness of this spell. One of our regular feral druids was playing around in the battlegrounds and discovered that she could fill her mana pool w/ Innervate. So now Innervate is useful for all mana using classes. That means my tree can finally Innervate pallies, priests, and other magic users during a tough fight. Yay!

Now if only Blizzard would Innervate their Authentication server…


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