Posted by: Makakai | June 8, 2009

Shaman LFI

In my alt-happy guild, the guildy who plays a feral druid, has an alt shamman that has been joining us in our Ulduar progression runs. Interestingly, while she originally intended it to be a Resto Shamman, it’s become increasingly useful as an elemental shammy for many of our raids.  Which brings me to the point of this post… she recently asked me what she could do in her transition from Resto to Elemental to improve her dps. Now I run one of those filthy dps meters (yes, as a healer) so I will sometimes get asked to post dps or healing results and have to bear all of the crap that goes with idiots not being familiar with how tricksy they are to use (more on this rant some other time). Furthermore, you might ask why she would ask me, who doesn’t have an 80 Shamman, to help with this matter. That would be because my guild has started to realize that I actually read information on a variety of classes just to get a better feel for how they work to improve my predictive healing powers. So on to “how to improve Elemental Shamman dps after being a Resto Shamman”…

Well first off I noticed a severe lack of information out on the websphere on elemental shammans! The best two sources I found were Elitist Jerks – Elemental Shamman FAQs and an Ultimate WoW Blogroll that contained teasers/hints of what I was looking for. Now the three biggest pieces of data I was looking for were, what gear & stats would be upgrades for this particular case, recommended glyphs, and hints on improving her rotation. The talent spec part was actually taken care of since that’s pretty basic info.  Now on to what I learned:

Gear and Stats
Reach Hit Cap:
Aalphas hit rating = 133 (5.07%)
Needed = 368 (see

Then gear for Spell power>Crit>Haste>Intellect
where Optimum haste: 450-500

I then looked-up the gear upgrades for Aalpha specifically at Loot Rank, which gave me these results. Okay, the biggest upgrade achieveable right away was the neck which went into my important information category. The rest I could go over with her on a piece by piece basis as to what she felt was an acceptable/achievable upgrade.

Every site/forum I read made one thing clear, “get the glyph of flameshock”. Roger that! The rest of the glyphs were under debate and depending on the rotation she went with could be interchangeable, so on to the next topic.

There are two schools here: 1) Priority based, or 2) Haste based procedural.

1) Priority based rotations use a set of priorities for deciding which to use based on whether they are on cooldown or not. In the case of Elemental Shammies they are:

Flame Shock (FS) > Lava Burst (LvB) > Lighning Bolt (LB) and in AoE or movement intensive fights LB = Thunderstorm = Chain Lightning (CL)

2) At the optimum haste, a set procedural rotation becomes available as follows:

Flame Shock, Lava Burst, Lighting Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, repeat.

Final Thoughts
So we have some basic pointers for gearing, glyphs, and goals (dps) that should be easy to implement with almost immediate results. And I (re)discovered the joy of meta-data mining.


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