Posted by: Makakai | July 13, 2009

Tank Healing

Well, I recently realized that a blog I occasionally stop by is written by someone that I’ve actually chatted with in game. Anyways, I zipped back over to her blog and came across a recent post that triggered a new post for me, so here it goes…

You know those moments when you’ve just survived an unexpected set of adds in a dungeon or raid that had everyone sweating? Let me tell you that those are the moments that really test the synergy between a tank and a healer. The recent post by my tanking friend was a “non-healer’s perspective of healers” and the synergy that occurs betwen a tank and healer.  Playing a crazy variety of healy types, I’ve healed my share of tanks and can honestly say there is definitely something to how a tank and healer suddenly ‘click’.

There are those moments while leveling when you’ve both pulled some extra mobs and you wonder how you survived, but you did…



There are those moments during dungeons/raids that you hold on just long enough to get the boss to 0%, you know what I mean…

Dungeon Fun

Dungeon Fun

And there are those amazing moments when you realize that you and your tank can take on anything…

Anything Goes

Anything Goes

So keep the mobs coming, with a tank in front of me, we’ll take on anything!


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