Healing Trial of the Champion

Recently there has been some discussion on the difficulty or lack of it in healing the Trial of the Champion 5-player dungeon. I’ve finally managed to get the opportunity to heal both regular and heroic versions on both of my 80 healers. I’ve also had a chance to dps in both regular and heroic versions giving me a chance to evaluate it from the dps’ perspective as well. I’ll break it down into the 3 encounters and discuss how the healing might be different for different healers and general healing strategies I’ve worked out.

Grand Champions Encounter
If your group has expereinced jousters this is a pretty straightforward encounter. You face three groups of three mounted “trash” and a fourth pack of the three champions. There are several strategies for handling the three “trash” groups and a slightly different one for the fourth champion group, pick one that your group feels most comfortable with. Fortunately, the fight is pretty forgiving of mistakes especially for PUG groups. Interesting note for the shadow priests out there, the 3 stacks of shields are hard to see in shadowform so you might want to think about doing this part while not in shadowform.

Once all three are down, you are going to be dismounted; this is the key signal to quickly equip your normal weapon again (important) and begin fighting the Champions on foot. Thus begins the the healing, and boy is it a doozy. That inital transition can be rough, and most groups have solved this by just running out of the instance right at the transition to reset the champions. If your group isn’t doing this be prepared for alot of crazy damage until your tank rounds them up. Depending on your champion composition (i.e., which two you have in the group with the Mage), should indicate which group members are likely to need heals right away.

The Rogue’s (aka Lana or Visceri) poison clouds are difficult to heal through as a priest so warn your group to move out of the green stuff. The warrior (aka Jacob or Mokra) does quick work of your melee, so watch out for him if you have a lot of melee. The Shaman (Colosos and Runok), the Hunter (Jaelyne and Zul’tore), and the Mage (Boltspark and Eressea) are all ranged and could target you if your tank hasn’t picked them up real fast so be prepared to throw a swiftmend/barkskin or fade if they start coming after you.

Argent Champion Encounter

This encounter will feature three groups of three, followed by one of either Argent Confessor Paletress or Eadric the Pure. These groups are fun as a priest on heroic as the the Monk’s shield and channeled spell can be broken by Mass Dispel. As soon as the final group is dealt with the boss will attack.

1. Eadric the Pure is a pretty straight forward encounter and I recommend that you just turn around and heal the group with your back to him. Yeah, I know it goes against all of your healy instincts, but it works really well since you don’t have to worry about the stun. As for the Hammer of the Righteous, cleanse it if you can, or be prepared for the targeted player to take a big damage spike.

2. Argent Confessor Paletress is a little easier if you can counterspell or dispell her heals. However, the Memory has a party-wide Fear that could find you with some really low health party members suddenly. There also seems to be a lot of damage during this fight so stay on your toes.  When I’m on my druid I ask the ret pally to kindly keep an eye on the tank to keep him cleansed.

The Black Knight

This final encounter has three phases. The first phase starts with the dps on his ghoul so watch the dps right in the beginning until they have the ghoul down. The second phase starts with an Army of the Dead, and if your tank is skilled are all rounded up and kited around the arena. My guild’s DK likes to call in his Army of the Dead at the same time which keep them all in one big pile for AoEing down (Bonus that they are kept off the healer too). It’s important that if you see a ghoul squat down near you, run away. The final phase  is constant AoE and party member’s “Marked for Death” need to get some big heals. This final phase is where you will really get tested as a healer with both AoE damage and a single spike damage target. My druid throws out the WG, a targeted RJ+SM, and is throwing lifebloom stacks on everyone constantly. My priest keeps a bubble on the whole party as much as possible, a PoM bouncing around, and is spamming PoH. One bonus for the priests is that the Desecrated Ground during the first two phases can be Mass Dispelled.

Now enjoy the fruits of all of your hard labor!


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