Posted by: Makakai | September 16, 2009

The Valley of Leveling

Next up in my altitis leveling experiment is my 72 death knight (I know, not a healer, but blood dks can ‘heal thy self’, so just go with it). Yes, another melee class that I’ve struggled with leveling. I think I’m seeing a pattern here…

Anyways, a guildy was leveling their druid through Alterac Valley and I thought I’d join them while leveling my alt. Since my dk is stalled at the level 71-72 range it was a good 8-9 levels below most of the alliance we were facing, so again I had feelings of squishiness. I will admit that there is something almost satisfying in running into a mass of alliance, dropping death and decay, icy touch a target, and promptly going squish.  Almost funny in a way…

One of the interesting things about leveling the pvp way as we called it was that experience is variable in terms of honorable kills and win/loss. I’ve read a number of posts indicating that bg leveling is most effective after level 70 if done in alterac valley, but I don’t recall the experience being anything more than 5-10%. So there is no advantage to waiting until 70 in my opinion. If you enjoy bg pvp and want to find some excitement in a once stale alt, do try bg leveling regardless of what level you are.

Since I did this little experiment before I started my ‘pally project’ I didn’t have all of the goodies I now have for pvp leveling. I’ll have to give it a try with my new BoA shoulders and trinket and see if I feel any less squishy (even as an OP death knight).


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