Posted by: Makakai | September 18, 2009

Leveling Shaman Style

My shaman is my first toon I created in WoW, because when I heard my brother’s description of the game and the guild that he was a part of I just knew that a Shaman was going to be my class. One year later into this game and my Shaman is only level 62 and my 4th highest toon. I just keep coming back to her whenever I get a chance to do something fun outside of my two 80s….

Recently during my leveling experiments I’ve had a chance to take her into Alterac Valley for some bg leveling. Yes, I sent over the Shoulders of Awesome, Mace of Pwning, and Trinket of Win from my other lowbie(s) so that she was all ready to meet the ally scum head on. Well, let me tell you, level 62 in a battleground with all of those level 70s mean that I was not the one doing the “Awesome” even though I mostly stood back and threw around the heals. I learned that if I decide to continue the pvp leveling, I will definitely be dual spec’ing her elem/resto so that I can make this process much smoother as Gnomeggedon discovered on Squidly. So next time I sign on I’ll be hitting up my 80s for the gold to get her the dual spec, yay!

Furthermore, to make the quest grinding much easier, my shammy has also received her flight skill for outlands and I just can’t believe the difference it’s making on doing the questing. So much easier just to fly there rather than wander around and through the mobs when turning in and completing quests.

Looking back I can’t believe how far she has come, it’s been a great road so far…

Shaman During Scourge Invasion

Shaman During Scourge Invasion


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