Posted by: Makakai | September 25, 2009

PvP with Discipline

In reading various blogs lately, PvP leveling and preparing for PvP have been a popular topic. In fact, Lilitharien over at Devine Agis has recently talked about the Glyphs for a new Priest which gave me the idea for a blog topic on PvP with my Priest. I’m not a rated arena priest or even what some folks would consider a true pvp’er, but I do the daily battleground and dabble in arena with a guildy or two when someone is interested in it. I’m going to talk about the priest from the point of view of a discipline priest as that is the style I play (and it gives a focus for this discussion).

Getting Started

When just beginning PvP at level 80, there are several things you can do to get started, but be prepared to be squished at a moments notice. First we’ll discuss talents and glyphs, then finish with gear. There are several common talent spec’s for PvP, including 60/11/0 and 57/14/0. I use a modified PvE/PvP spec because up until lately I’ve been dual Disc/Shadow spec’d and I will PvP as Disc then turn around and heal a heroic. I’ve also not been doing arena lately, so it’s not been a problem, but I’ll probably be redoing my dual spec to optimize my performance for my arena team. Next, we have glyphs, the most common glyphs for PvP are Penance, Inner Fire, Pain Suppression, Shield, Renew, and Dispel Magic. I personally will often switch out my PoH PvE glyph for Pain Suppression for arena and Dispel Magic for battlegrounds. This just seemed like a more efficient way of combining my PvE and PvP healing opportunities.

Now for the juicy part, gear… When just starting out with PvP, I started with the crafted set, which with the 6 piece bonus gets you to +324 resilience and +324 intellect. This is fine until you start running heroics and start picking up emblems of conquest, then there is no excuse for not picking up your first deadly/furious pvp pieces and I found myself replacing these very quickly. Once you have some honor and or emblems of conquest you can start picking up the deadly/furious pvp pieces which will put you at +559 resilience and +401 intellect not counting rings and trinkets. As for rings and trinkets, they very much depend on play-style and team make-up as to which ones you should be using. However, for a beginning pvp’er the most frustrating part of pvp is when you die due to being fear/stun/silence locked, so I recommend starting out with a Medallion. Your second trinket choice could be made based on a play-style of defense, offense, or regen. Popular choices would be: Battlemaster’s Bravery (defense),  Darkmoon Card: Illusion (defense), Platinum Disks of Sorcery (offense), Forethought Talisman (offense), Spark of Hope (regen), Spirit World Glass (regen), Living Ice Crystals (Hybrid Regen), and Je’tze’s Bell (Hybrid Regen). For rings, a good start is Runed Mana Band and a PvP ring.

What to Expect

Aside from my initial recommendation to expect to get squished every time you turn around until you have around +600 to +900 resilience, there are a couple of things you should know before embarking on your pvp experience. I’ll start with battlegrounds because that is where you get the honor to buy the starter Deadly/Furious set. Battlegrounds are a mad dash to capture and hold objectives (i.e., bases, resources, or flags). When I was first starting out I had no idea what I was doing and did not make efficient use of my spells, so my first recommendation is to make a couple of macros and organize your spells in such a way with keybinds to make everything available at your fingertips so to speak. A couple of little pointers that I’ve discovered to be good tips, Mind Vision actually has a use in PvP (aka Arathi Basin), Death Knight Ghouls can be Shackled, and Mass Dispel should be used on those pesky pally bubbles. So pull out all of those moldering spells and use them! Now arenas are a whole different experience from battlegrounds. I’ve done most of my pvp with a very experienced warrior, but I’ve gotten more experience with a rogue, a hunter, and recently a mage (I see all of you experienced pvp’ers eying that RMP combo *slaps hands*).  Unfortunately, I dabbled in arenas just enough to use arena points on my currently outdated gear so I never really got beyond a personal arena rating of 800. So while I might have some good pointers for arena, my best recommendation is to head over to and learn at the knees of the best.

Thanks to the Penance Priest for the work they did on gathering some of this information.



  1. Glad to see I inspired someone!

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