Posted by: Makakai | September 30, 2009

Seven Things I Like About WoW

Each evening as my guildies and I are running through heroics, battlegrounds, or our endless dailies we sit on vent and chat about stuff with our friends.  A favorite pasttime in my guild is to watch WoW videos, which then become catch-phrases within our group. A common favorite among my guildies is Oxhorn’s ROFLMAO ditty, if you haven’t seen it do so (it’s safe for work and family friendly).  The other night someone mentioned a remake done to Miley Cyrus’ “Seven things I hate about you” for a WoW video; which while creative fell pretty flat. I latched onto the creativity attempt and decided to give readers a blog post on the “Seven things I LIKE about wow”.

1. Healing! Bet you couldn’t guess that since it’s the reason for my blog… I enjoy WoW healing to the exclusion of any of the other roles/classes/etc. I think it’s interesting that one night as I was getting really sleepy during a raid I mentioned that with my Grid setup it felt almost like watching christmas lights twinkle. Who hasn’t been just sitting in front of their christmas tree mesmerized by the twinkling of the lights to the point of relaxation?

2. Friends. Having a group of 5-15 friends all hanging out together and chatting or just generally having fun is the best part of my WoW time. The number of funny stories and “guild-jokes” we have in our guild could keep a new person amused for hours. This also ties into all of the new friends I’ve made while playing this wonderful game.

3. There is always something new. I just started playing this game approximately two months prior to launch of WotLK and my first RaF toon had just reached 60 at the time of launch. So everything in the game is still so new to me and I want to see all of it! This is often difficult for some of my guildies to understand since they have been playing since Beta release, but I usually have plenty of punny comments to keep their interest in my amazement at everything the game has for me to experience.

4. Graphical Design/UI Design. The graphical design of some of the zones and mobs in this game are so detailed that I’ll sometimes have to back-up in what I was doing and take a second look. Furthermore, my education and work experience are in software interface design so I’m constantly playing around with my UI which I know drives my guildies nuts sometimes.

5. Story/Lore. Blizzard has done a wonderful job with making the quests, instances, and general play so seemless in terms of the environmental storyline that I’ve actually begun to feel a need to explore the books and background story that has been developed.

6. Raiding/Dungeons. I’m not in progressive raiding guild, but we do check them out and we do hit up all of the instances/dungeons that are not highest progression content. I’m particularly impressed by the design that went into the Halls of Stone/Lightening.

7. Bloggers.There are some amazing bloggers out there and I’m constantly finding new ones that I like to read. There’s just not enough time in the evenings for me to keep up with all of the bloggers, play the game, and write my blog. Check out my blogroll for a taste of the greatness that is out there.



  1. Hey Iaaiv,

    There is so much to love about WoW, inside and outside the game.

    On a completely different topic… can you change your feed settings so that the full article gets sent… makes it hard if I (and most readers) have to hit your site, as most of us read at work 😉

    – Settings
    – Reading Settings
    – For each article in a feed, show: Full text

  2. Thanks Gnomeaggedon. I completely missed that setting since I check blogs through Google reader.

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