Posted by: Makakai | October 7, 2009

Old School

With the Cataclysmic changes upcoming and some of the updates Blizzard™ has done to the older content, many long-time and recent players have been interested in seeing the “Old School” content. Let me relate a recent experience with that old school content.

My guildies have been expressing an increasing interest in this content as well, in particular Black Wing Lair (BWL). Now old school thought is that an Onyxia Scale Cloak is needed in order to withstand Shadow Flame Breath and beat the final bosses in BWL. Unfortunately, if you didn’t raid BWL back when 60 was the level cap this poses several problems.

First, you need to have a Leatherworker turn in Onyxia’s head and do the follow-up quest to automatically learn the leatherworking pattern. With Onyxia a new level 80 raid, it requires a dedicated group of at least 10 level 80s to defeat Onyxia for her head (including winning the loot roll). Secondly, you need to gather Onyxia’s scales from skinning her to make the pattern (another loot roll anyone?). Then you can craft the cloaks (enough for the raid going) to protect the group from the Shadow Flame breath.

However, as we discovered if you have 13 level 80 guildies, the dragons in BWL die so fast that the cloaks are virtually unnecessary. Furthermore, in case you’re wondering, the healing is almost non-existant at least until the last boss. Whee he was a fun one! So don’t be afraid to try those Old School instances, they have some fun in them even for level 80s and you never know what tricks you might pick up…


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