Posted by: Makakai | October 30, 2009

Bring me the head of…

“Fire consumes, you’ve tried and failed! Let there be no doubt, justice prevailed!”
/script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\Creature\\HeadlessHorseman\\Horseman_Fire_01.wav”)

I’ve tried and failed to keep up with my blog over the last two weeks, but RL got in the way (including coming down with the flu). There is just nothing like raiding with severe congestion, my guildies thought I was dying everytime I started coughing. So unfortunately, over the last two weeks I’ve barely had time to fit in the 2x weekly raids, a couple of heroic runs, a little bit of leveling on my Shaman, and doing some of the holiday stuff on alts.

I have to say that holidays are the worst time of the year for altiholics . My guild is the worst in that we have several folks with 5 80s, yikes! Fortunately, I completed the hallow’s end meta-achievement on my druid last year. However, I wanted to get the meta-achievement on my priest and shaman this year. I was lucky enough to have some of the achievements on priest done from last year, but I still had the sinister calling to get. My priest lucked out with a helm drop from the headless horseman in only my second or third try and the pet from a trick-or-treat bag early in the holiday. Now I’m just struggling to get the sinister calling achievement on my shaman. I put out the fires yesterday and finally got the helm, yay! My brother has been kind enough to take his pally tank (already with the achievement) in to the HH for at least one try at the drop each day. Added bonus that I’m getting some nice ilvl 200 gear for when I hit 80.

On a funny note one of my guildies is trying to “win wow” on his hunter and was short on the hallow’s end meta by a toothpick! Yeah, all he  needed was a sparkling smile this year to get his proto-drake. Every hour on the dot he was signing on to trick-or-treat for the toothpick, it started to become a sad situation after the first week (note he finally got it early this past week).

So how do some of the other altoholics out there handle holiday achievements? Just go for them on your main or try to get as many of your alts with achievement as you can squeeze in?


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