Posted by: Makakai | November 13, 2009


I’ve been trying to write a minimum of one post a week and eventually work up to more regular posts, we’ll see if I ever manage it with all of the RL stuff I always run into.  This week has been no less exciting for me in game than it has in terms of RL, so I wanted to share my “updates” for this week.

First, when patch 3.2 hit our raid nights increased from 1 night a week to 2 nights a week to allow us to get in time on both finishing Ulduar and try out Trial of Champions.  Yes, we may be months behind most guilds but for being a strict 10-man, 1 night a week raid guild, we make fast progress. This week our hard work finally paid off, last night I got this little gem:

ToC 10-man Achievement

The wall for us last week was the Twin Valkyries, accidentally in our 3rd try last night some strategies changed during the wipe and lo-and-behold I saw something that had a potential of working for us. I mentioned it to the guild in vent and this resulted in a slightly wacky strategy that omg did it finally click for us. After the high wore off we were looking at calling it for the night and thought we would try out Anub once to see the fight, and what do you know, we One-Shot that bug! The healing for the Twin Valkyries certainly is made for druids, and of course this run had two druids so soaking up those orbs was made easier. Also, not sure how most guilds heal Anub, but third phase would be interesting without Wild Growth. Now, we just need to finish off that horrible robot Mimiron in Ulduar…

Secondly, I decided to schedule an “Old Skool” raid night last weekend in which we hit up Zul’aman and Gruul’s Lair. We took a guildie’s lowbie alt into each of them and picked up some leveling upgrades for them (and some xp). Everyone had a good time and I think it’s something that we will continue doing about once a month to give some of us new players a chance to see all of the old instances before Cataclysm changes everything.

Finally, once my Shaman hit Northrend I’ve slowed down on PvP leveling her since I have several guildies with alts in the same level range we can often throw together a mostly at level group to do a reg instance which far surpasses any xp I might get from PvP. However, my available leveling time on her has decreased as well so I’m still at level 75. Interestingly, since I hit NR and I’m dual spec’d elemental/restoration I find myself mostly leveling in elemental and only switching over to restoration if I’m grouped with guildies or planning on doing a series of bgs. In those cases I’ll run around questing even as restoration rather than switching back and forth between the two constantly.


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