Holiday Shenanigans

From this post I hope it becomes clear that my holiday was eventful and fun filled and hence the lack of posting. I had very little internet time due to travel and family so what time I had was spent in game grinding away because I wanted my pet turkey.  Which I got along with the title!

I also had a lot of fun feathering the rogues, fortunately we had all of the horde rogues in guild so it was a search for the alliance types. One of the funnier moments was the gnome rogue who hid in stealth in the corner of the Dalaran bank with me while I waited for a dwarf rogue to return from /afk. However, the best part was harassing my brother’s troll rogue… (yes some of these are staged.)

Speaking of funny bits, I stumbled upon a new blogger(s) who I enjoy the hints of humor present in the posts, thanks to The Wayward Initiative I had humor to keep me motivated to write this post.

However, the best news of all for me was that my Shaman hit 80! Fortunately, I hit 80 from turning in a quest and not from exploring. Of course you know you have turned into a “healbot” when one of your guildies says “What’s next? You’re almost out of healing classes aren’t you?”, to which I replied “My pally is level 23!”.

Now I begin the true adventures of Shaman healing; I have to say though that just getting her to 80 has been a long strange trip. Fortunately, I have a nice excel spreadsheet of the Heroic and craftable gear I need to get rid of all of those greens and BoA items I’ve been leveling with.

Hope your last week has been as full of silly, fun, and family as mine has…


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