Posted by: Makakai | December 8, 2009

Blogging the Big One

Since it’s a day of downtime, I, like many other players, spend my time waiting for the realms by reading forums and blogs. Of course, this is a particularly important maintenance day because if you haven’t heard PATCH 3.3 IS TODAY.

So while waiting for my chance to check out the new content, I’ll browse the blogs for all of the little morsels I can get my hands on. Unfortunately, my feed reader has grown by leaps and bounds since I started my own blog to the point that I login to google reader to over 586 new posts (most of which are meta content blogs though). I bet you can’t guess which ones I go to first? Yes, they are Jong at Forbearance, Gnomer and Squidly at Armaggedon’s coming, Big Bear Butt, and Miss Medicina. Now looking at this list I asked myself what do they have in common that draws me to them in particular? It’s that they all provide content in an amusing or antecdotal manner. These folks and several others bring a smile or a “huh” to every post that will draw the readers to them.

Just as Medicina has re-evaluated the purpose of her blog, what kind of content do I want my blog to provide? And are my spotty posts though they may be providing a smile or a “huh” to any readers that may stumble across my blog? I recognize that my posts arrive once a week if that, but I seem to write posts at certain times on certain days and don’t get a chance to otherwise. Aside from my horrible timing, what can I “do better” with my blog? Well, I need to find what my blog is – aside from the obvious healing centered content. So, if I look at my content up to this point and factor in what “I like to read” in a blog post; I need to bring more of my humor and anecdotal moments into my posts. In fact, in guild I’m known for bringing up the bad puns and funny quotes from videos, which needs to show it’s face in my posts. So along with my goal of providing more posts, I have a goal to write content that brings a smile or a “huh” to the reader.

By the way:

  • Jong, The Best Kind of Night Club in Azeroth I found on my lowbie alliance druid the other day: check out the dance floors in The Stockade, no, really, it does look like a dance club.
  • You Silly Gnome, why my Resto Shaman just hit 80 and will be hanging out on my blog more as I get her geared up in 3.3.
  • BBB, I’m sorry that real life and WoW collided like they did for you, we all go through those times and I’m sure your guildies will understand.
  • Medicina, when next your Head Meets the Keyboard, don’t despair you are not the only one with imprints of keys on your forehead.

Ohh, another post by Jong or Megan just popped up in my feed reader! Now I’ll leave my readers to enjoy the wonderful posts out there in the blogsphere…


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