Posted by: Makakai | January 7, 2010

The New Content

Happy New Year folks! Yes, it’s taken a long time for me to return to my blog, but I traveled much of the holiday season. In fact, I think my time played during the holidays was something like 2 hours total. However, during my away time I’ve had a chance to compose some posts to provide slightly more regular content (my new year’s resolution). My biggest problem with providing regular content (besides time constraints) is writing to a topic and not just stream of consciousness, so I’ve created an internal organization that should become obvious as my posts start going up. So now my thoughts on the new Patch 3.3 content…

The LFD tool has made groups more accessible, but more likely to be fail.
My druid is using the LFG tool a lot more than my other healers in order to get the Perky Pug pet (since I collect the pets on her). Through this process I’ve been incredibly lucky to get mostly good groups, even on my Shaman. I also want to apologize to all of the dps that zone into a heroic with me and a guild tank because we are going to pull at warp speed, especially the DK tank when I’m on my druid. Hold on to your hats kids we are aiming to finish before your buff wears off! Although, I’ve had my share of runs become story worthy; overall though, I’ve only had a couple runs which have resulted in “pug stories”, which bodes well for my perky pug pet experience.

The weirdest story I have on pugging was in a H CoS with my guild’s best Ret Pally C, me on my Druid, and three pugs. We get all the way to the final wave in the front area and I get a popup message asking me if I want to kick C! Apparently, the group didn’t notice that their healer is from the same guild as the Pally? To top it off, I was in vent with C and some other guildies whom I told about this event. I posted the group’s dps in guild (showing our Pally was top dps) and we came to the conclusion that they were just idiots that were envious of C’s dps. We all laughed it off since it was a stupid stunt on their part, but I continue to ask myself what were they thinking?!

On another note, loot distribution and queuing still has some kinks.
First, the LFD tool is set up to allow you to need on items that are your armor class, greed or disenchant anything else. Unfortunately, healers often have items that are upgrades that are a lower armor class. I have the sad luck of being unable to get rolls on an upgrade for my back, wrists, or feet on my druid, so the new instance while having a usable cloth item for feet will probably never be available to my druid unless it’s an all guild run. Secondly, due to the bizarre lack of tanks (four tanking classes and only one of them regularly tanking), if a tank doesn’t like the run the rest of the group is just out of luck. Now, since I play heals, I see all of the action from the back seats if you will and can usually tell when a group is going to fall apart due to poor players or a poor tank. Maybe I’m the only one, but poor players, I’m willing to carry them, because the benefits of quietly carrying them exceed the emotional cost of getting involved with them in any sort of way. However, when it comes to a poor tank throwing a tantrum, the best I can do for the dps is to hope that I can overheal my way to finishing the instance.

Icecrown Citadel will continue to provide plenty of enjoyment.
My guild has zoned in with a raid four times since the patch hit, since we do the raiding for fun and not progression. The first two times were on a slow Sunday to check it out and clear trash for reputation (rings and bullets are desired by several guildies). The third time (which caused some minor guild drama) was with the best geared toons we could muster. We actually took down Lord Marrowgar and had a couple of tries on Lady Deathwhisper. Although, any group of ten raiders going into progression raid content, with DK and Bear tanks, priest, paladin, and tree healers, 2 moonkins, a hunter, and 2 ret paladins probably was not planned for by Blizzard. Yes, we had 4 druids and 3 paladins; we are that crazy.

The new 5 man instances are great, but Halls of Doom, I mean Reflection, are a trial (hmm sound familiar) for many a healer. One of the best pally healers I know struggled to get through this instance when it first came out. I will say I’ve healed it using both commonly suggested approaches and the crowd control approach seems to be the easiest to heal through for me. Of course, I’ve still not gotten up the courage to heal it on my shaman due to her newness, but both my druid and my priest have had multiple clears. I’ve not been in there since the new patch nerf so I’ll wait to write a healing thoughts post until I’ve had a chance to visit.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas
and a Great Winter Vale
And good luck getting PUGs
that aren’t full of fail.


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