Posted by: Makakai | March 10, 2010

Coffee Break: One of Each

Yes, you would be right in that I’ve been leveling my paladin a lot lately, in fact as of this posting I’ve reached level 66. I really want to get one of each healing class to level 80 so that I can get a feel for myself on how they are different rather than just reading about it (in the case of the paladin). In fact I’ve made great progress in the last month considering a week long business trip and a week long vacation with family.

For the interested reader, no I’m not leveling strictly holy, I’ve dual spec’d so that I can heal battlegrounds and dungeons, but quest as a retribution paladin. I quested as a holy paladin for the first 40 levels, it’s possible but takes longer due to reduced damage abilities and not necessary after that point with dual specs available. Also, I have BoA pieces for both a holy paladin and a ret paladin (granted the pieces for my holy set are mail leftovers from my shaman) so I’m sufficiently geared in either spec to achieve the goals of that spec.

Anyways, when I made it to Outlands I did some questing and ran into some folks doing group quests that then invited me to do a random dungeon with them. So my first experience healing on a paladin outside of a battleground was Blood Furnace. Fortunately I’ve read and  heard that the key to a beginning paladin is to mind your ABCs (Always Be Casting). It turned out to be a bit of a trial as I felt I was always out of mana, but the ABC mantra helped me stay on track in keeping a Pugged group alive. The very next day two guildies with toons at the same level inquired if I would like to join them in doing a random dungeon, which I did as well. So there you have my first experiences of the paladin healing outside of battlegrounds.

On another experimental track, I spent a couple weeks with dual spec on my priest to pvp disc and holy. It was okay working to learn by fire in five mans, but my guild had just enough folks online the other night to do a Trial of the Crusader run, and I went in on my priest. Boy did that change my mind, the whole raid was flipping out when we wiped because myself and our best paladin healer were both in the run, so they expected it to be a quick farm run with regard to healing. Hah! I immediately switched over to my pvp disc spec, because I figured at least a slightly gimped style that I can do in my sleep would be better than struggling to learn by fire my holy spec in a raid. Sadly, it scared me so much to let my guildies down that way that I went right back to a disc pve spec in place of the holy spec (so I’m now disc pvp and disc pve). The lessons learned are probably enough to fill a whole post themselves so I’ll leave you with my take-away: “Don’t try something drastically new unless you are certain that you will have the time and opportunity to learn it gradually.”

As a third experimental activity, I’ve decided to create an alt in Single Abstract Noun – US. I went with a druid because, well I always create druids when I start an alt on a new realm, I just like my tree. I’m horrible about logging into another realm other than where my 80s are because I always have something else I can do with them, so we’ll see how often I manage it.


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