Posted by: Makakai | April 22, 2010

Earth Day: One of Each

Happy Earth Day folks! In the spirit of this day I’m recycling a post, but don’t worry I’m including edits to update it.

Yes, you would be right in that I’ve been leveling my paladin a lot lately, in fact as of this posting I’ve reached level 66 74! I really want to get one of each healing class to level 80 so that I can get a feel for myself on how they are different rather than just reading about it (in the case of the paladin). In fact I’ve made great progress.

For the interested reader, no I’m not leveling strictly holy, I’ve dual spec’d so that I can heal battlegrounds and dungeons, but quest as a retribution paladin. I quested as a holy paladin for the first 40 levels, it’s possible but takes longer due to reduced damage abilities and not necessary after that point with dual specs available. Also, I have BoA pieces for both a holy paladin and a ret paladin (granted the pieces for my holy set are mail leftovers from my shaman) so I’m sufficiently geared in either spec to achieve the goals of that spec.

Anyways, when I made it to Outlands Northrend I did some questing and ran into some folks doing group quests that then invited me to do a random dungeon with them. So my first experience healing on a paladin in Northrend was Utgard Keep. Fortunately I’ve read and  heard that the key to a beginning paladin is to mind your ABCs (Always Be Casting). It turned out to be a bit of a trial as I felt I was always out of mana, unfortunately the group was so inexperienced that it ended up falling apart after the first boss. I ended up talking my brother into tanking an all guild run (yes, we had enough folks around level 70-73) and had no problems, but I’m still nervous to try to heal in Northrend because folks try to run the instances like they are level 80 and my gear is just not up to it. Have you actually looked at the plate itemization in Northrend quests lately? It’s kinda geared toward death knights, so most of my holy gear is “of the gorilla” and “of the eagle”.  Fortunately, just recently I managed to snag a group with some level 80s running through Karazahn (yes, the raid) and picked up a couple of nice pieces there to update some of my holy stuff. So there you have my first experiences of the paladin healing in Northrend.

On another experimental track, I spent a couple weeks with dual spec on my priest to pvp disc and pve holy. The lessons learned are probably enough to fill a whole post themselves so I’ll leave you with my take-away: “Don’t try something drastically new unless you are certain that you will have the time and opportunity to learn it gradually.” Interestingly, my co-healer for our guild runs has decided to switch her shadow spec to disc to try it out too which experiment is currently in progress so I’ll keep you posted. Furthermore, one of the guilds’ hunters is in the process of leveling a priest discipline through dungeons and battlegrounds and claims to be absolutely having a blast… For so long I was the only guildie with a disc priest, now two of them are trying it out!

As a third experimental activity, I’ve decided to create an alt in Single Abstract Noun – US. I went with a druid because, well I always create druids when I start an alt on a new realm, I just like my tree. I’m horrible about logging into another realm other than where my 80s are because I always have something else I can do with them, so we’ll see how often I manage it. (Turns out, almost never.) However, I also have some friends in an alliance guild on another server completely that I’ve been on a little more, and I have my druid there up to level 27, so maybe someday I’ll get around to it.

Happy Earth Day folks!



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