Knocking on the Door

I have the Violet Proto Drake on my resto druid yay! School of Hard Knocks was the last one I needed too. Now, while it is fortunate that I pvp regularly (even arena), I still dreaded the experience of competeing with thousands of other people for 2-6 opportunities for an objective. My persistence paid off though and I’m now working on getting the achievement for future possible meta’s on my resto shaman, disc priest, and holy pally, but I’m  going the more leisurely route with them.

Anyways I thought I would share some info with folks that are nervous about this holiday:

First, I recommend reading Cynwise’s Guide to School of Hard Knocks. He explains the basics very well and gives really good tips on getting the objectives. His tips helped me get some of them on my other toons when I got into groups that were not “cooperative” groups.

Second, cross your fingers that you get some helpful Alliance/Horde players in Warsong Gulch because otherwise that is going to be the hardest to get due to timing and the need for more actual pvp on your part.

Third, I’ve noticed that Eye of the Storm seems to be the one least likely to have cooperative groups (Anyone with any ideas on why this one versus the others?). So, you may need to take the initiative to request cooperation from your fellow faction members.

Good luck and your persistence will pay off!


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