Posted by: Makakai | July 2, 2010

Healing Raiding

One of the things that have been on my plate lately is the lack of interest in raiding, especially since there are folks still interested in making progress in ICC. So this is a little rant and a little opinion with some actual math thrown in.

Now the casual guild that I’m in has an unwritten policy that if a guildie can walk in the door we take them. Unfortunately, in the case of ICC it really does have a gear/skill requirement. In principle I have nothing against this practice, but for a casual guild containing members interested in raiding it poses a problem. Let me describe the problem for you in a little more detail.

Festergut unfortunately is really the first boss that you see this “skill check” in action so I’m going to use him in my example. Now I’m going to use a little math here so you can see where my frustration is stemming.

Two points:

  • Festergut has 9,412,000 health in 10-man normal.
  • He has an enrage timer of 5 minutes.

So, with some math, you have 9,412,000/5 ≈ 1,882,400 health that you have to damage per minute and 31374 health per second. If you divide that up by the number of players that are actually damaging the boss in a 10-man raid (assuming 6 dps, 2 tanks, 2 healers for a total of 8 damage dealers), you need to have roughly 3923 damage per second occurring to just barely meet the enrage timer.

But wait, now we have to take into account that this fight requires some movement (Gas Spores) and that the tanks aren’t going to be doing high dps due to the very nature of tanking, we lose “uptime” and total dps. This means that at a very generous 97% uptime and the assumption that you will lose roughly 20% from the optimum damage per minute from the tanks (that’s tanks doing about 2500 damage per second), the damage per second you need is at minimum 4043 and on average closer to 4620 damage per second from the 6 damage dealers and roughly 2500 from the 2 tanks.

So why have I done all of this math… To demonstrate why a casual guild’s reality can be a hinderance for the people that really put the effort into their toons and want to see more progress in a raid such as ICC. Now go back to my comment about taking any guildies that can walk in the door. If we are short 1-2 for our raid, we will literally take any guildy that has an 80 toon, even if they just got their first toon to 80 yesterday. When that happens week after week, with different new folks getting pulled in; not only do we have the time constraint of trying to reach the Plague Wing of ICC within our 2-3 hour once a week window while teaching new folks the fights, but we also have “skill checks” that we just aren’t going to meet. Anyone that has played the game for any length of time is going to realize that a new player that recently hit 80 just is not going to meet the damage requirements for this boss.

Finally, I bring you this post because it’s my opinion that it’s great that Blizzard has provided methods such as a buff to allow casual players see more (if not all) of the content they have designed. This scenario is exactly why they provide these features. Otherwise my guild would not get a chance to see anything past the first wing (btw last night we downed Valithria for the first time after an hour of wiping).

Also, before anyone reading this starts to wonder why we don’t just refuse to bring these new toons, pug in more experienced players to those spots, or raid more nights a week, I want to note that those will never be high likelihood options for this guild and I wouldn’t change my guild for all the gold in Azeroth.


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