Posted by: Makakai | October 12, 2010

New Content: Talent Specs for Healers

Disclaimer: This post covered Talent specs for Healers right when Cataclysm came out. Refer to each class page for more up-to-date talent specs.
Yes, I know it may seem like I quit blogging, and yes, I stopped posting for a long stretch of time. Sadly, real-life crit for 9000 and I didn’t have the ability to post regularly. Furthermore, due to how I like to post, I also didn’t have the access that I felt necessary to compose my posts. Interestingly, one of the things all of my time away from blogging (and reading blogs) has identified is that I like to add an image (or several) to my blogs. Yes, that did contribute to my lack of posts, and I have a few ideas on how to prevent this in the future. So what brought me back? IT’S PATCH DAY!

On a related note… another interesting point about my blog is the fact that I cover what amounts to four different classes (5 specs) whereas most other blogs focus on a single or two different classes. That makes it very difficult for me to provide theory crafting that I’ve performed myself or the latest class changes for all 5 specs. However, with the changes to the game that are being introduced with Cataclysm, I like many others will be looking at and for new talent spec, gearing, and general healing advice. …and that is why I’m posting today…

Cataclysm is just around the corner, so I have and will have a lot to post about it. With the new patch going up today, the biggest effect to my characters will be the need to respec all of them. I have 4 level 80 healing classes, a level 23 disc priest, and a level 32 druid who will all need new specs. Since I’m collating (collecting) this information together anyways I thought I’d share my sources and information with my readers. I’ll list by class/spec below the information I’ve gathered as well as updating my class pages over this coming week. As always I’ve adjusted some of the recommendations to suit my play-style, however, I’ve provided the source(s) so those interested can look-up the theory-crafting to suit their own play-style. To ease the transition I’ve also used the MMO-Champions WoW talent calculator so that you can import these specs right into the game.

Keeva over at Tree Bark Jacket actually inspired me to return to my blog with her amazing 4.0 guide for resto druids, and I had very little I changed about her spec advice.
(2/0/34) Resto spec

My own alteration of the build by Chase Christiansten at WoW Insider based on some of the conversation at the Plus Heal Forums (e.g., here) and Elitist Jerks.
(31/3/2) Holy PvE spec

I keep my priest dual spec’d for PvE and PvP right now because I like having a toon that I can jump into a BG with at any given moment and actually be competitive. So first my adjusted Discipline PvE spec then my PvP spec. I’ve also included a holy spec, but since I’ve never gotten much practice with holy, I just imported the source site(s) recommendation. These specs are based on the recommendations by Dawn Moore at WoW Insider.
(31/5/0) discipline PvE spec
(31/5/0) discipline PvP spec
(5/31/0) holy PvE spec

I’ve mentioned before, Vixsin provides great info for Resto shaman, and he did not disappoint for 4.0.
(2/3/31) Resto PvE spec

Happy Respeccing!


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