Posted by: Makakai | October 28, 2010

Snippets: Week in Review

I’m combining all of my draft parts into a single post since none of them really fell into place as a full post. Here is what I’ve read, done, and thought in the past week…


For anyone wondering, a form of class specific quests will be available in Cataclysm. They just won’t be what we are used to, although it looks like they will vaguely resemble the paladin class quests.

We are looking forward to offering new quests, quest lines and rewards as players level through World of Warcraft: Cataclysm instead. For example, we plan a level 20 dungeon based quest which will offer weapon rewards appropriate to all classes. There will also be a similar level 50 dungeon quest which has a headpiece reward. Source: Forum: Draztal

We heard directly from Ghostcrawler at Blizzcon that this was the plan as well. So I hope it pans out to be a decent replacement for some of the awesome class quests we were used to.


I’ve recently discovered that the reforging on equipment is not showing up on the Armory, but the change in your stats is shown in your spell stats. So if you are a healer applying to a new guild for Cataclysm and you’ve reforged your equipment to add more haste or mastery make sure you point that out in your application!


There’s been some concern among the interwebz that Discipline priests’ bubbles are not adjusting well to the new mastery stat and Archangel talent. I’ll be following the forums to see what Blizzard does: [BUG] Archangel not affecting PW:Shield.


Cynwise does not disappoint and has a great post this week on preparing your PvP gear before Cataclysm. I recommend anyone interested in PvP to check his site out: Pre-Cataclysm Honor Grinding


In an effort to finish up my bucket list before Cataclysm 4.0.3 drops, I’ve been trying to finish up leftover achievements. I don’t want to find myself 396/400 skill points away from having the unarmed skill achievement finished and have 4.0.1 drop (or the 4.0.3  equivalent). So my priest finished up with


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