Posted by: Makakai | November 17, 2010

Invasion of the Blog

With the cataclysm occurring within the game, my blog will shortly be succumbing to a cataclysm with respect to the design. I’m reviewing and working on a new design/theme for the blog that will hopefully bring a fresh breath of air to the blog and motive a more regular post schedule. I’ve also got the snippet posts piling-up in my drafts, so look forward to a lot more of my posts in that style.

As an altaholic, I find myself jumping back and forth on my different toons. During a single play session, depending on my mood and who else is online in my main guild, I’ll play multiple toons. For example, I’ll play on my lowbie alliance druid (level 52 now!) through about 50% of a level, run 1-2 dungeons, and 1-2 battlegrounds if I’m in the second half of the bracket level range. Next, I’ll switch to my main horde druid to chat with my guildies while I do 20 or so quests toward loremaster. Then, my priest gets some play time in 2-3 battlegrounds if another pvp guildie is online; otherwise, I’ll try to find a weekly raid or run a couple of random heroic dungeons on my paladin or shaman. Except on Monday nights when I run with a regular 5-man group from my guild on either my priest or paladin doing various achievements or activities. Finally at least once a week, I’ll switch over to my bank toon and go through the mail I’ve collected and clean out any extra stuff still sitting around. I’ve created a graph below to show the percentages of my time on each toon.


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