Posted by: Makakai | November 19, 2010

Snippets: Week 46

My second post filled with the partial drafts from this past week. I’ve managed to clean them up and organize them into some semblance of order, but the order may just be arbitrary.


Target selection
Recently I read a post asking melee players how they select targets efficiently in a multi-pull trash situation. This post reminded me about a recent Cataclysm event experience. During the elemental invasion of the city, a raid or two worth of players arrive in the city to defeat the elemental and close the rifts. Now, as all of my toons are healers, I’m most likely in a healing spec when I arrive to assist. Since I usually arrive late and my toons tend to have weirdly spelled names, I don’t always get an invite into the “city defense” raid (assuming there is one already organized). So how do you proceed to select your damage or healing targets?
Method A: “Tab” to select the next enemy target or “T” to select the next friendly target.
Method B: Place the tank as focus (right click target menu selection) or target tank nameplate and select “F” for assist.
Method C: Click the next target nameplate (shown with “V”) or the friendly target name plate (shown with “Shift+V”).

Since I’m in the situation in which I’m trying to target friendly players not in my group or raid, this reduces me to using Method C. It was like playing that amusement park game of whack-a-mole trying to heal during the elemental invasion event.

As a side note, I discovered while putting my thoughts together that there are no guides/pages/sites on the default key bindings. I’ve long since rebound “V”, “T”, and “F” to spells so remembering what they were originally bound to is a result of memory and any mistakes are apologized for in advance.


Blizz Cookies

We get a *pony*! or at least a crab…
Ghostcrawler is a level 85 rare elite crab in the Abyssal Depths of Vashj’ir

New WoW Armory Character Sheets
Seen on the site for Cataclysm. Just type in <Character Name>@<Realm> in the “search” box.


Haste for Druids
If you haven’t heard, haste provides a unique “value added” for druids… The current design speeds up the HoT ticks with the addition of certain amounts of Haste. Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket provides the maths (with Tables!) so I’m just going to point you there.


Blizz*con Pickup Lines
Apparently Blizz*con pickup lines were pretty popular on Twitter as Tastes Like Battle Chicken compiled a list of favorites. Check them out for the laughs!


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