Posted by: Makakai | November 23, 2010

Autoblography: A Shared Topic

Memes are like Kryptonite to me, so a forum like Blog Azeroth is just icing on the cake. I’ve refrained from registering because I knew I’d eventually get sucked into reading way more blogs than any one person can manage. However, the topic Your Autoblography last week was awesome to read about; the stories behind the blogs are great. As per usual I really enjoyed The Bossy Pally’s post, it kept me amused and motivated my thinking… and writing. So I figured I’d add my story (albeit the week after the topic) and of course register for Blog Azeroth.

My Blogging Beginnings
My blog actually began with the guild and the name… I’m part of an amazing guild that absolutely defies most accepted norms of guilds. This is the guild I started playing WoW with in September 2008 and I’ve enjoyed every moment playing with them.  These guildies are all friends in person so when we are in a raid or just hanging out on VoIP we frequently joke and talk about local activities, etc. One evening while I was leveling a new paladin (4th healer) and hanging out on vent, one of my guildies asked what spec my paladin was currently and what I’d have at level 80. I indicated yes, it was going to be another healer, and of course another guild mate jokingly said  “what do you think?! she’s green bar spec’d!”. Since all of my characters healed and I had multiple healers I was considered the guild healer. In fact, if anyone in the guild had a healing question they had started asking me to the point that I was basically in charge of organizing and explaining the healing in raids. So suddenly I thought, ah ha! that sounds like a blog/website name to describe me.

In the meantime…
Long before I started playing WoW I’d been an avid reader and was pretty active on author blogs and various reading/writing groups. At the time I started a blog on my personal website to review and talk about various books I had read. So I was pretty familiar with blogging in general from my bookaholic days. Once I started to play WoW I’d begun to read websites and forums about the game to learn about my favorite activity of healing. I’d even joined a community called wow_ladies to read about other ladies’ experiences with this game. So I had a lot of WoW blogging role models to inspire me.

Thus Began Green Bar Spec!

The Blogging Challenges
I’ve encountered two very big challenges with blogging about WoW: reliability and privacy.

As with any project or hobby type activity such as WoW, real life comes first; work and family have a higher priority  for me. I have a professional job with an unpredictable schedule. I’ll have a regular week at work and then find myself all over the country for several weeks. This kind of schedule is definitely a challenge to writing a blog. I’m also very close to my family and recently had a good reason to participate in events sponsored by Big Bear Butt.  So, no, I’ve not been very reliable with my blogging.

As for my guild, I don’t usually talk about them specifically in my blog because 1) any character names I mentioned would most likely be the only character with that name on the armory, and 2) I know all of my guild mates by their full real name. In fact those two factors are part of what makes the guild unique. So to keep the privacy of my guildmates intact I try to keep character names of myself and my guildmates reduced to an initial if/when they are mentioned. This is often difficult to hold true to because my guild has a lot of fun stories and people that I could write about.

Favorite Posts
I think one of the best things to happen to my blog was to get some link love right after my Healing Survey Post. I’d love to go back and update it with “Lessons Learned” since I’ve level capped all four classes and have taken them all through at least the first wing of ICC. I had an amazing reader hit count on what was basically a brand new blog from that post alone. Then shortly after that I got some link love from a totally unexpected (but awesome) source Gnomeagggedon, which resulted in another reader spike. Unfortunately, as per usual, the ‘real life’ challenge reared its ugly head and I had a slow period on my blog. I’ve since dropped to 5 regular readers…

Thanks for Reading!


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