Posted by: Makakai | December 13, 2010

Illustrious Leveling

The Daily Blink News Comic

Source: The Daily Blink

So Cataclysm is finally upon us and those that played all the way through till the expansion can tell you it’s worth it! With a new expansion comes the inevitable questions and I’ve taken to giving glib silly answers to my guildmates that I’ll share with my readers. Don’t worry about my guildies, they give me silly glib answers back as I’m known in guild for my bad puns.

What happened to the portals?
Deathwing ate them!

Can I fly in Old World now?
I don’t know. Does your mouse work?

How do I learn to fly in Old World?
Same way you did at levels 60 and 80.

How do I get to Twilight Highlands?
Go to Northwest Washington state, but beware of the Vampires.

How does Archeology work?
Like the real profession, you survey dig sites.


So I’m sure everyone is out leveling either their main or a new Goblin/Worgen… for me I’ve been leveling my Druid U. I started with 19% of the way to level 81 due to leveling Herbalism (yes, I went for a Realm First). I’m also most of the way to maxed Alchemy, I’m just stalled at transmutes. A great blog I’ve recently found on resources for understanding the new Cataclysm level professions is Kaliope’s Crafting Blog. Check it out!


I’m now level 85 and I’ve seen most of the new instances with guild groups. They have some great new mechanics and I’ve enjoyed being surprised by each new boss we encounter.  Although, a good glib silly response whenever anyone asks how this boss encounter goes is: Kill the Adds and Don’t Stand in Anything Not Put Down by the Healer. With a little more practice over the next week I’ll be able to post some Healing 101 guides to the new encounters and have a little advice about the heroics. I’ll be providing this info from the perspective of someone who is in a guild with no pressure to level and gear up for raiding within 2 weeks of an expansion.


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