Posted by: Makakai | December 24, 2010

Greatfather Winter

In the last 12 days Great-father Winter has brought to me…

One more level towards 85 on my priest.

Two max level professions (Alchemy and Herbalism).

Three Caytaclysm heroic instances completed.

Four Critter’s loved for To All the Squirles Who Cared For Me

Five percent more experienced gained while leveling in the guild.

Six guild levels achieved.

Seven more levels on my new goblin (first non-healer I’ll level from 1).

Eight days of family for the holidays.

Nine more characters to create in the form of a new account (I always leave one character slot as a bank toon).

Ten Archeology artifacts closer to Illustrious Archeology.

Eleven more blogs added to my feedreader.

Twelve wonderful days hanging out with my WoW family!

A wonderous Winter’s Veil to you…


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