Posted by: Makakai | January 14, 2011

Stonecore Healing 101

I’m back with my fourth Healing Cataclysm Installment in which we visit Stonecore. I’ll continue with the boss by boss rundown with any notable trash that you’ve come to expect. As a reminder, all gear linked is from normal for easier list compilation.

This seems to be the hardest boss in this instance just because of the amount of “stuff going on”. Corborus has 2 phases, the first of which will be on the surface. In this first phase, the healer should be spread out but keep an eye the target of his Crystal Barrage to heal the initial damage. His other cast, dampening Wave, should be cleansed as it absorbs healing. During phase 2, Corborus will be underground. In this phase he will summon spider-like adds that need to be dps’d down so sticking near the tank may keep the worst of them off you. Corborus will also cause dust clouds from which he will periodically resurface doing Thrashing Charge.

Heroic Mode
In phase 1 adds will spawn from the Crystal Barrage that will move to the closest player and apply a debuff increasing damage taken, so stay spread out. In phase 2, Thrashing Charge will immediately kill the player that is hit, so stay out of the dust clouds.

Dolomite Adorned Gloves – Priest gloves

Notable Trash
Crystalspawn Giants cast a Quake effect that can be avoided by jumping just before the cast finishes.

This boss feels almost like a game of hide-and-seek around the Stalactites. Slabhide has two phases, ground and air. Both of these phases require you to stay out of the Eruption pools and don’t stand under the Stalactites. Unfortunately, the Stalactites cause quite a few line-of-sight issues, so having range indication selected in your UI is very important.

After the initial air phase Slabhide will start casting Crystal Storm, an AOE effect that can be avoided by standing behind the stalactites dropped in the air phase.

Deep Delving Gloves – Druid Gloves
Rose Quartz Band – A good ring for any healer

Notable Trash
The ogre mobs leading up to the next boss will jump at a player causing damage to that person and any nearby players, so spread out as much as you can.

Ozruk is the tank skills fight, as the tank has to move out of the way of Shatter and Ground Slam effects. Just watch the health of any melee as his Elementium Spike Shield will put a damage over time effect on them.

The key ability on heroic is Paralyze as it will immobilize everyone, but can be broken by damage. In heroic, the Elementium Spike Shield will clear the melee, so don’t cleanse the effect off of them. The ability the ranged and healers will need to watch for is:  Elementium Bulwark

This spell will appear right when he yells “Break yourselves upon my body. Feel the strength of the earth!”. You want to cast a DOT spell at that time so that it will be reflected back at you to break his Paralyze.

Belt of the Ringworm – Paladin Waist
Tendrils of Burrowing Dark – May be useful to fill in temporarily

High Priestess Azil
When Azil is on the ground, the tank will be affected by Force Grip which immobilizes them, rendering them unable to pick-up adds, so healers should position themselves carefully. Secondly, the High Priestess summons a Gravity Well which is the key to this fight. Players should move out of Gravity Well immediately but just as importantly, should by their positioning try to bait Azil into casting these gravity wells in an area between Azil’s platform and where the upcoming packs of Devout followers will come from. During phase 2 when she is over the platform, Azil will summon large boulders to throw at players. A large cloud of dust will appear on the ground below the targeted player and they should move away from them to avoid being crushed by the boulder. Note these boulders will crush the Devout followers, so positioning is important here too.

Nothing significantly different during heroic other than that everything hits harder.

Slippers of the Twilight Prophet – Priest Feet
Cowl of the Unseen World – Shaman Helm
Tear of Blood – All healers will want this for their second healing trinket
Prophet’s Scepter – Something to use as an off-hand until you get a better one
Book of Dark Prophecies – Really great relic until you can get the inscription one crafted

Useful Trash Drops
Wand of Dark Worship – Nice priest wand


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