Posted by: Makakai | January 20, 2011

Shadowfang Keep Healing 101

The second of this week’s Healing Cataclysm Installments I’m going to cover the old-new heroic Shadowfang Keep. I’ll continue with the boss by boss rundown with any notable trash that you’ve come to expect. In this case all gear linked will be from heroic as low-level gear is not relevant to this discussion.

Baron Ashbury: Heroic
This is definitely Not the first heroic boss you want to visit, as he requires good group coordination. The Baron periodically performs Asphyxiate in which he picks everyone up, drains their health to 1 HP and then puts them down. As soon as the party is released he casts Stay of Execution, healing himself as well as the party. The groups I’ve run with have usually interrupted his Stay of Execution cast after the 2nd tick, bringing the party up to about 20-30% health. Keep the tank topped-off, but don’t worry about keeping the party at full health. Keep the party with enough health that they can survive a tick or two of Pain and Suffering (about 30-40% health should be sufficient), which needs to be cleansed/removed as soon as possible. At 20% the boss will take on Dark Archangel Form, chain casting his Calamity AoE. Save your cooldowns for this as you will need them to keep everyone alive. This is also a good reason to have the boss as your focus (or target if you use mouseover healing).

Baron Ashbury’s Cuffs – Priest bracers
Robes of Arugal – Priest chest

Baron Silverlaine: Heroic
This is by far the easiest heroic boss for healers. He summons adds, which should be dealt with very quickly by the dps, but may get a few hits in and require a bit of spot healing. The key to this fight is quickly removing Cursed Veil, a magic debuff. It is mana intensive when regularly called on to remove a magic debuff so manage your mana carefully.

Gloves of the Uplifted Cup – Druid gloves
Pendant of the Keep – Casting necklace
Boots of Lingering Sorrow – Priest boot upgrade

Commander Springvale: Heroic
Unfortunately, since this boss can be skipped, most groups will not bother with trying to work through his mechanics. Healers should be standing with the ranged dps so that you are out of range of Desecration, which the tank and melee need to move out of. Priests may be asked to CC one of the adds with Shackle if you don’t have a hunter or paladin in the group, so a targeting macro may be useful here. Typically, groups will CC one add and kill the other add that start on the dais with the boss, then move to kill the CC’d add; after the adds are down they hit all of their cooldowns to dps the boss, if they don’t get the boss down a second set of adds could spawn and the initial strategy should be repeated (this is a should and requires fast reaction times from the CC’er). If/when the Commander reaches 3 Unholy Power (acquired from adds casting a buff) he will cast either a frontal AoE (tank only healing) or Word of Shame (targeted player(s)). A single player with the debuff or the tank taking an AoE are manageable, but multiple players with the debuff, good luck healing through it.

Breastplate of the Stilled Heart – Shaman chest
Springvale’s Cloak – Back for any healer

Lord Walden: Heroic
This boss is like the children’s game “Red-Light, Green-Light”. During the green Unstable Mixture, everyone has to stay moving. If everyone is moving and staying out of the other mixtures he’s throwing, your hot(s) and instants  should be sufficient. During the red Unstable Mixture, everyone has to stand still and you can use your casted heals. Stay out of Frost, Poison, and Ice that may be flying around, you may need to cleanse or heal through a target poison he casts so be on your toes. In between each green/red light you should have a few moments to stand still and cast if you need to top the party up.

Burden of Lost Humanity – Shaman shoulders
Blinders of the Follower – Priest helm

Lord Godfrey: Heroic
An easy heroic boss for certain healers, despite being the last boss of the instance. He summons adds, which should be dealt with very quickly by the dps, but may get a few hits in and require a bit of spot healing. The key to this fight is quickly removing the debuff Cursed Bullets if you are a druid or shaman. For the paladins and priests, this will need to be healed through unless you have a dps class that can handle it, and can be a strain on your mana pool if you have just made it into heroics. Make sure you don’t stand in Pistol Barrage, it’s a targeted cone attack so it’s easy to move out of. Update: I’ve had quite a few random heroics since this original guide queue me into a group running back to this boss after a wipe, in my experience most of those groups have contained dps that did not move out of Pistol Barrage and/or did not kill the adds.

Staff of Isolation – Healing staff
Helm of Untold Stories – Paladin helm upgrade
Mantle of Loss – Priest shoulders


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