Posted by: Makakai | January 25, 2011

Grim Batol Healing 101

Grim Batol loading screenThis week will be my final set of Healing Cataclysm Installments, I’ll be starting off with Grim Batol. I’ll continue with the boss by boss rundown with any notable trash that you’ve come to expect. As a reminder, all gear linked is from normal for easier list compilation.

Notable Trash
This instance includes a Dragon bombing run that can greatly reduce the time spent dealing with the trash, so coordinating the bombing run will improve the run greatly. A good simple strategy is to stagger the group boarding the dragons such that they board the dragons with a 2-count delay between each group member down the line. The first trash pack can be hit while the dragon is preparing to lift-off. If you are familiar with the route to the bosses, be sure to bomb the trash along the walkways on this route, and not the trash groups at the dead-ends of the walkways.

General Umbriss
General Umbriss will require a little coordinating the first time a group encounters him, but once the “dance” is figured out, the fight will go very quickly. The healer should keep the tank topped off since he has a dot Bleeding Wound that lasts until the target is healed to 90%. Spread out so that you can run away from the location of the player targeted with Blitz, this includes the player targeted. At 30% Umbriss will go into Frenzy and stop summoning adds, but he hits harder, so watch your mana usage.

Heroic Mode
Ranged DPS should be pulling the purple Trogg away and either chain-CC the first one and or kill them away from the other Troggs and boss, as they splash an enrage buff to nearby mobs when they die (increases the boss’ damage if it hits him). Every so often throughout the fight, Umbriss will call more Troggs to come help him, they will add some extra hits to what the tank is taking so keep your healing up.

Modgud’s Blade – Main hand weapon
Cursed Skardyn Vest – Druid chest

Forgemaster Throngus
The Foregmaster Throngus fight is defined by which of three weapon stances he is currently using, Swords (Dual Blades), Mace, or Shield (Phalanx). The three weapon phases will switch randomly, but Throngus will always go through all three before he picks the first one again. So if he does Swords, then Mace, you know the next one will be Shield, but you can’t know what will come after the Shield. He will also produce Cave Ins throughout the fight that need to be avoided. During Sword phase, there is a lot of damage to the tank, but minimal on the dps. Cleanse/dispel the magic debuff immediately during this phase. During Throngus’ Mace phase, the tank should be kiting the boss, dripping a trail of lava on the ground that needs to be avoided. Throngus will also use Impaling Slam which can incapacitate the healer, so keep yourself topped off if you don’t have a back-up healer option. During Shield (Phalanx) phase the amount of damage that the dps can inflict from the front is reduced, so they should be standing behind or to the side of him.

Everything hits harder, especially Mace and Shield Phase. Additionally, during Shield Phase he will enter a heavy AoE phase, everyone should stay close behind him to run through him to avoid the fire cone from his shield.

Wand of Untainted Power – Second of 2 possible heroic wands
Dark Iron Chain Boots – Shaman boots

Drahga Shadowburner
Drahga is a two phase fight consisting of a Caster phase and a Dragon phase. During Caster phase Drahga will mark an Invocation of Flame location on the ground which will spawn a fire elemental. The fire elemental will choose a random player, shooting a red beam towards them. All DPS except for the target should quickly switch to the add and slow/snare/stun it and kill it. If an Invocation reaches its target, it will explode and likely kill everyone around it, so the target should be running away. Leap of Faith (aka. Life grip) is a great spell for moving the target out of the way at the last minute if needed. During Dragon phase, Drahga still summons the fire elemental, so continue to watch for the elemental. Stay out of the pinkish puddle on the ground as it does damage and slows you, which can be fatal if you are targeted by the fire elemental.

Additionally during heroic, the Dragon Valiona will also cast Devouring Flames damaging everyone in front of her. Watch which way she is facing so that you can run through her to avoid the damage.

Azureborne Cloak – Healing cloak
Crimsonborne Bracers – Priest bracer upgrade

Erudax is a fight that consists of add management and knowing where to stand. If you see the boss looking at you, strafe to the side as he will cast Binding Shadows at your location. This will root you in place and heal the boss. And while the roots are a magic debuff and can be removed, there is no reason to heal Erudax. Watch for the knock-back, and be prepared to for the tank to need some extra healing immediately afterward. When he casts Shadow Gale, move to the small purple void zone looking circle on the ground. A good strategy is to put a mark on a ranged player that is familiar with watching for this ability, usually the healer, so that the group can find the spot quickly. Immediately after Shadow Gale, Erudax will summon a Faceless Guardian, which can be slowed. If the add manages to reach the eggs at the back of the room and hatch them, whelps will hatch and add unneeded AoE damage to the encounter.

Erudax summons two Faceless Guardians at once, so dps will be split to each side of the room. He may also cast Shield of Nightmares on the Faceless Guardians if they aren’t being killed fast enough, it should be purged or dispelled as soon as possible. If you don’t have a priest or shaman in your group, the melee will have to stop attacking the Guardians and the ranged will have to manage alone to avoid the damage, otherwise the healing will run through your mana quickly.

Staff of Siphoned Essences – Two-handed staff
Gale of Shadows – Amazing trinket for haste
Corrupted Egg Shell – Another possible trinket
Crown of Enfeebled Bodies – Priest helm upgrade
Bracers of Umbral Mending – Priest bracers


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