Lost City of the Tol’vir Healing 101

The second of this week’s Healing Cataclysm Installments I’ll be going over Lost City of the Tol’vir. I’ll continue with the boss by boss rundown with any notable trash that you’ve come to expect. As a reminder, all gear linked is from normal for easier list compilation.

General Husam
The General fight can be very interesting to heal, because, like Slabhide in Stonecore, there is a lot to get out of as well as potential line-of-sight problems. First, throughout the entire fight, the General will drop Mystic Traps on the ground. Anyone who steps on them will cause an explosion, which includes a knock-back. Periodically, the General will cast Shockwave denoted by crumbling on the ground in an X-shaped pattern, after which he will send his shockwave along this cracked ground. Finally, he will periodically throw a targeted player against one of the two pillars. If a Mystic Trap is placed under the player thrown at the pillar, you will need to be ready for extra healing.

Heroic Mode
Additionally, he will periodically Detonate Traps, causing all of the traps in the room to explode after a few seconds, and the detonation can be avoided by staying out of the detonation circles.

Spirit Creeper Ring – Mostly DPS ring
Ionic Gloves – Shaman gloves

Notable Trash
There are several trash pulls in which sets of pygmies are standing on each others’ shoulders. These pulls can quickly get out of hand and will dish out a lot of damage if not handled carefully. However, it can be a lot of fun to watch the ranged take out these groups.

Lockmaw and Augh
Lockmaw and Augh are two different bosses, with Augh showing up in the Lockmaw fight. They key to this fight is Scent of Blood, which Lockmaw use on a random party member, causing 4 Frenzied Crocolisks to spawn in the water pools on the side of Lockmaw’s lair and head for the debuffed person. These crocolisks can be quite vicious and seem to head for the healer due to healing aggro. I’ve found that standing at the top of the steps or on the wall beside the steps maintains line-of-sight and funnels the crocolisks in a nice group for the dps to handle quickly. Be prepared to pump out the heals on the targeted player if they reach them though. Augh will appear every now and then during the fight, whirl-winding players around him. The ranged DPS should be shooting a few spells at him; it will make him go away. When Lockmaw hits 30% health, he will go into Venomous Rage that can be removed with Sooth (Druid) if you don’t have a hunter or rogue in the party.

Nothing significantly different in the Lockmaw fight other than that everything hits harder. In heroic however, you actually fight Augh separately after the Lockmaw fight. Augh’s key ability is his Whirlwind, which you should run away from. He is tauntable when spinning, so your tank can “pick” him up and kite him away from the squishier party members. The Paralytic Blow Dart should be removed by Druids and Paladins, otherwise it can be healed through if necessary.

Not much for healers, but an off-spec wrist for priests and:
Veneficial Band – Ring with +mastery

High Prophet Barim
This is a 2-phase fight of light and dark. During the Light Phase, stay spread out to mitigate the Plague of Ages. Don’t stand in the red beams. Periodically Barim will cast Fifty Lashings which will increase the incoming damage on the tank significantly, so cooldowns may be needed. Furthermore, there will be a lot of AoE damage from the shadow phoenix in the next phase so mana conservation during the first phase is very crucial to maintain the AoE healing needed during the dark phase. At 50% health, Barim will pull everybody close to him followed by knocking all players back, thus beginning the next phase. During the Dark Phase, there will be a light circle on the ground around the boss that you shouldn’t stand in. Stay with the ranged away from the tank so that the dps can take down the Soul Fragment if you are targeted with Soul Sever. This Soul Fragment will produce some localized damage when it dies, so try to keep the party as topped off as possible, especially towards the end of this phase.

In phase 1, the ranged dps handling the phoenix add may take some incidental damage, so keep an eye on their health.

Tauntka’s Necklace – Neck (contains haste but no spirit)
Greaves of Wu the Younger – Paladin boots

Siamat is another 2 phase boss, with an add phase and a boss phase. Phase 1, the add phase, starts with Siamat mmune to 90% of all damage. Siamat summons two different types of adds, of which the Minion of Siamat casts Chain Lightning, doing considerable damage if players are grouped up. When the adds die they leave behind a green hurricane swirl on the ground, don’t stand in it. As soon as the third Servant dies, Siamat’s shield will go down, and he will cast Wailing Winds, throwing people around and doing damage to them. Try to have everybody on high health and away from the edges of the platform, as this phase has a lot more damage in the form of Storm Bolt. Shaman and Paladins that are having difficulty with the healing may find the damage reduction from their nature aura helpful in this fight.

Nothing significantly different during heroic other than that everything hits harder.

Zora’s Ward – Paladin shield
Mantle of Master Cho – Priest shoulders
Evelyn’s Belt – Priest waist
Leggings of the Path – Druid pants
Sorrowsong – Interesting trinket for an off-spec


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