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Halls of Origination Healing 101

Halls of Origination Loading ScreenThis will be my final Healing Cataclysm Instances Installment in which I’ll finish up with Halls of Origination. It’s been very informative and interesting writing these posts as I’ve learned a lot about my healing style which you have probably discovered in some of my descriptions of the encounters. As a final reminder, I’ll be including notable trash and all gear linked is from normal.

Temple Guardian Anhuur
Anhuur has two different phases of the fight. The majority of the fight is the “kill the boss” phase, consisting of avoiding the blue Burning Light on the ground and dispelling the Divine Reckoning, so the boss doesn’t heal. At 66% and 33% Anhuur will put up a Shield of Light and start channeling Reverberating Hymn. The Hymn will stack up to 20 times and becomes increasingly difficult to heal through. The Shield is removed by activating levers at the base of the two columns on either side below the platform. There are several strategies for handling the levers, based on group composition and party strengths. There are many line of sight issues with the healer remaining on the platform, so an easy strategy on normal mode is for the whole party to drop down, the tank picks up the snakes and the group kills them while one person handles the levers. However, this is more difficult on heroic, so many groups may use the strategy I cover under heroic mode.

Heroic Mode
In heroic mode, since everything hits harder, there are several different strategies used during the Shield phase to make sure his Hymn is interrupted and still get the levers activated. Keep in mind that the levers are now a channeled action in heroic. If your group sends a single dps down to the levers while everyone remains up on the bridge, it is important for the healer to stand on the very edges of the platform in order to reach the party member activating the levers.

Awakening Footfalls – Druid feet
Belt of Petrified Tears – Priest waist

Earthrager Ptah
This Lord Marrowgar look-alike, is a two phase fight, but with a slight twist. This fight is done on the back of a camel! The camel is awesome because you can cast while moving on the camel; a healer’s dream. During the first phase, you’ll have minimal upkeep on the party damage. The second phase, Ptah goes underground and produces adds for the tank and dps to kill. Avoid the stone spikes and dust clouds that will kill your camel.

Avoid the dust clouds, stone spikes, and dust whirlwinds during the second phase, which is easily done if you stay moving.

Soul Releaser – Two-handed Staff
Underworld Cord – Druid belt

Notable Trash
Leading up to the next boss, the party must defeat four “Wardens” to activate mirrors in an Brann Bronzebeard event sequence. These four wardens represent four elements, air, fire, water, and earth, and can appear on the platforms in any order. The Air Warden targets a player with a vortex that needs to be avoided; lots of movement for this warden fight. The Flame Warden has a short range AoE damage that the tank and melee need to avoid and a targeted ability Raging Inferno that will need some significant spot healing. The Water Warden casts a targeted water pool that needs to be avoided. The Water Warden will also target a player, placing them in a bubble that needs to be destroyed, so call out if you get targeted. The Earth Warden casts a Rockwave that needs to be avoided.

Anraphet has two abilities that will require almost opposite reactions from the party, and is mostly a healing endurance fight. The first ability, Alpha Beams, targets a player and produces a void zone. Move out of the void zone when you get targeted. Meanwhile you will need to dispel Nemesis Strike from the tank. The second ability, is Omega Stance, which is a large AoE type of ability. Some healers may find having the party group up during the phase to lighten the load on the AoE healing. Eventually though, Crumbling Ruin will make it such that you won’t be able to keep the party alive through Alpha Beams and Omega Stance, so this fight becomes a dps race. An interesting strategy my guild has been using, is to line everyone up straight out from the boss so that the Alpha Beams only hit a single person and they can move to their right across the squares on the floor. It’s a strategic method for laying down the void zones similar to Azil in Stonecore.

Nothing significantly different during heroic other than that everything hits really hard.

Anraphet’s Regalia – Priest chest
Mantle of Soft Shadows – Druid shoulders
Omega Breastplate – Paladin chest

Isiset is another somewhat familiar boss in that she has abilities similar to WotLK bosses, but with slight differences. Isiset will start the fight with four different abilities, Astral Rain, Veil of Sky, Celestial Call, and Supernova. The familiar ability is Supernova; similar to Eadric in ToC, turn away from the boss for as much of the fight as possible. Of the other 3 abilities, the most difficult for healers to manage is Astral Rain, a party-wide AoE that you will need to heal through. Celestial Call will summon a Celestial Familiar, the number which increases during the fight. Isiset’s fourth ability Veil of Sky, creates a reflective, mana-draining shield on her that can catch the unwary party member doing some serious damage to themselves. Finally, at 66% and 33% Isiset will split up into her three Aspects – Astral Rain, Veil of Sky, and Celestial Call. The party will choose a “kill” order for the “abilities” depending on group composition, but will usually be the Astral Rain, thereby reducing the party-wide damage for the rest of the fight. Killing one of the Aspects will force Isiset to re-appear, but without the ability that was just “killed,” but strengthening the one(s) that remain.

Nothing significantly different during heroic other than that everything hits harder.

Blood of Isiset – Trinket with equip stats
Legwraps of Astral Rain – Priest Legs

Healing on this boss is mostly centered around cleansing and staying out of stuff on the ground. First, dispel Wither if the dps miss an interrupt. Secondly, avoid the Spore Clouds dropped by the Spores. You can also use the cloud to kill the Bloodpetal Blossoms by kiting them through the clouds like with the adds from Azil in Stonecore.

Nothing significantly different during heroic other than that everything hits harder.

Band of Life Energy – Healing ring
Robes of Rampant Growth – Priest chest

This is another boss fight that is more of a dps race due to the build up of damage mechanics. Furthermore, the boss is not tankable, so the tank will be corralling the adds. Setesh will frequently summon Chaos Portals that will summon a set of four adds. One of the four types of adds does not take damage so the tank will be kiting those around from portal to portal. As the fight time increases, there will be more adds on the tank, greatly increasing the incoming damage. Setesh also has two targeted casts, one of which is Chaos Bolt, a targeted minimal damage spell. The second is a shadow projectile similar to Shadow Crash from Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom, that should be avoided, along with the shadow void zones they leave behind. Occasionally he will cast Seed of Chaos, summoning a multitude of small purple bubbles on the ground. The tank should avoid them especially in the later part of the fight, when incoming damage is particularly high.

The adds move more quickly and with the increased health in a heroic, the tank may just tank them all.

Scepter of Power – Healing Mace
Chaotic Wrappings – Shaman Leggings

Rajh’s abilities are based on the “Energy” he has, so there are essentially 2 phases. During the main ‘Energy’ phase, he has 2 abilities that need to be interrupted, but that can be avoided if he gets a cast off. The first is Infernal Leap, in which Rajh marks the floor with fire under a player and then leaps onto the target. The second is Summon Sun Orbs, if one spawns, run away from it. During this phase, there will also be firy tornadoes that will hit nearby players with Solar Winds, if not avoided. The second ‘Recharge’ phase occurs when Rajh reaches 0 energy. Rajh will walk center of the room and begin a recharging process, which will bring him back to 100 Energy and returning to the main phase.
During the recharging phase, use your AoE cooldowns for Blessing of the Sun, that will last the entire Recharge phase.

Nothing significantly different during heroic other than that everything hits harder.

Blade of the Burning Sun – Potential Sword for Paladins
Solar Wind Cloak – Healing Back
Hekatic Slippers – Priest Boots
Legguards of Noon – Paladin Legs

Zone Drop
Book of Origination – Healing Off-Hand



  1. On Mr. Reverberating hymn, I put down a lightwell at the beginning of the fight. The DPS fail to click it if they aren’t at full health before hopping down to the levers. Then they complain.

    • Yikes, that will get your heart rate going if it wasn’t already. I’ll have to warn the holy priests in my guild to use a macro right before the transition to remind the party to click the lightwell for those situations. I’ve fortunately avoided this by spec’ing Discipline.

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