Posted by: Makakai | February 4, 2011

Snippets: Week 5

I’m going to finish out my week with a look at just a few of the blogs and WoW sites I’ve been reading while composing these guides to healing the instances of cataclysm. If you’ve been following along all this time, don’t get your hopes up for raiding guides, my guild hasn’t even started raiding yet!


Resto Druid Info

Keeva from Tree Bark Jacket has produced the long awaited Resto Druid Guide, and she more than delivered!


VuhDo Configuration

In a quirky turn of events I just this week stumbled upon Tamarind’s series of posts on Configuring VuhDo. Starting with Part 1 all the way to Part 6, Tam walks you through what to change and what to just leave it as it is… If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! UI stuff is something close to my heart, so I may be providing a Healing 101 discussion of VuhDo here soon™.


Bear Druid

I’ve been reading about the trials and tribulations of a wonderful Bear Tank since I started with WoW, and this week he’s posted some fun “bearwalls”, including a Big Bear Butt Contest.


Other Guides

I try to browse the list of posts produced by the columnists at on a daily basis, but when my RL gets hectic it will turn into a once-a-week occurrence. A good post by The Overachiever columnist takes a look at Glory of the Cataclysm Hero. Hey, I finished WotLK Hero achievement just weeks before patch 4.0. So, an early post by a familiar source is helpful since I’m always late to the punchline!


Happy Healing!


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