Posted by: Makakai | February 16, 2011

When Good Intentions Go Bad

I missed my usual Tuesday post this week as my intention was to provide updates to my pages for each class, which are still unfinished. Only the page for Druids is even remotely up-to-date and it’s not been updated since 4.0.1!  So instead I’m posting a day late on the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, but with a slight twist.

In a large, progression minded raiding or pvp guild, when a usually good performer starts to fumble and generally degrade in performance, the response from those guilds will tend to be an approach that progresses the goal of raiding/pvp. Talk with the member, try to fix the problem, and if it doesn’t get fixed then they loose their spot on the raid/arena team. The stated goals of these guilds are to progress in raiding (or pvp), which can’t happen with a member that is under-performing. But what if….

You are in a small friends & family guild, where the goals of the guild are not so obvious, an under-performing member may be hard to even identify, much less try to help. If the guild members come together for raiding, an under-performing member may be identified by their healing or dps output, but is it really under-performing if the guild’s objective is to have fun with friends? The members who’s goals are raiding will min/max their gear/talents/etc and work to obtain the best gear that they can for their interest. However, the members who enjoy seeking out achievements or finishing every quest in the game are not working on the same goals as those who prefer raiding. In the small friends & family guild both of these types of goals have an equal part in the “having fun with friends” objective of the guild.

In a small friends & family guild you don’t always have the luxury of 10 members that all happen to have the right role (e.g., healing) and with the goal of raiding as their preference, so you bring some of your friends. Your intention as a raider in this situation is to kill internet dragons with your friends, but in most of Cataclysm content failure to come prepared will directly impact the success of the team when it comes to raiding.

So this brings me to my own questions: Should the raiders in a small friends guild have the same expectations in performance of the achievement seekers in the guild? What kinds of expectations in performance should there be in a small friends & family guild?


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