Posted by: Makakai | February 17, 2011

Five Healing Questions

In watching the various forums and blogs for healer questions, especially the priests, it seems certain questions keep popping up. So here are the questions I’ve been noticing and a short discussion on them…

  1. I keep running out of mana. What amount of regen do I need?
  2. This is the most common question I’ve been getting, and the issue is usually not about regen but healing style. Yes, Ghostcrawler has indicated that they expect healers to have about 1750-1800 Spirit when they enter heroics. However, it can be accomplished with less than that, if you are using your heals wisely and your group knows the mechanics of the fights. So most of the time it’s the case of a new healer not using their heals wisely.
    A Druid needs to keep Lifebloom rolling on the main target (e.g., tank) and use Nourish as their most efficient heal, a Priest should be using Heal as their most efficient heal (flash heal is not your first choice here) and use their Chakra and Penance spells wisely, a Paladin needs to make sure they are using Judgement all of the time and Holy Light as their most efficient heal, and Shaman need to keep Earth Shield on the main target and use Healing Wave as their most efficient heal.

  3. Is Mastery a good stat for me, and how much should I be aiming for?
  4. This is a tough question because the problem with mastery for many healing classes is not that it’s a bad stat by itself, but the fact that many of our healing spells work so much better with crit or haste. In general, for most healers, Mastery is not a gearing priority over Haste or Crit. Which brings me to my next discussion…

  5. Should I use the crit piece or the haste piece of gear?
  6. Each healing class has a slightly different gearing priority in terms of haste and crit as follows:
    Druids: With multiple Haste ‘breakpoints’ due to the different HoTs in our arsenal, the stat priority looks something like: Intellect > Spirit > Haste (till a breakpoint) > Mastery > Haste (at a breakpoint) > Crit
    Priests: Depending on the spec, you’ll want for discipline: Intellect > Spirit > Haste =  Crit = Mastery; and for holy: Intellect > Spirit > Haste (to 12.5%) > Mastery > Crit
    Paladins: Paladins have a soft cap on haste that they want to reach (1019 haste) immediately then collect gear with the following priority system: Intellect > Spirit > Haste > Crit > Mastery
    Shaman: After reaching 915 haste: Intellect > Spirit > Crit > Mastery > Haste

  7. Where can I find more info about “skill x”?
  8. It seems like many of the blogs that healers have used in the past have disappeared or slowly died out in recent months. However, for each class I have a go-to blog/site that I recommend to my guildies which include:
    Druids: The best Druid healing site I’ve found is Keeva’s Treebark Jacket blog and her Resto Guide.
    Priests: There is a deceptively high number of sites pertaining to priest healing, but World of Matticus and Tales of a Priest are the two most comprehensive ones available.
    Paladins: The best theoretical information for Paladins used to be Holy Paladin net, which has stopped posting, but a nice, more conversational site is The Bossy Pally.
    Shaman: Vixsin has a great Resto Guide on his blog Life in Group 5

  9. Which reputation has my helm enchant?
  10. Yes, I’ve actually gotten this question myself. I just thought I’d throw it in at the end to remind players that Mount Hyjal needs to be visited for your helm enchant.

Happy Healing!


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