The Lifeblood of Professions

I’m a sucker for memes and I’ve mentioned before that I tried to avoid Blog Azeroth for as long as I could before finally succumbing. This week a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic was proposed that actually pertains to healing so I’ve managed to squeeze a little time into my schedule to write a post on my “favorite profession”.

You might be able to guess based on the picture to the left and the post title that my favorite profession is Herbalism. I have herbalism on both of my current max level characters (my tauren druid and blood elf priest) and I’ve picked it up on a couple of alts along the way. Of course, there is a little story behind having the same gathering skill on both of my first two characters. If you take the way back machine to my first posts I explain that my druid and priest were both leveled using refer-a-friend (RaF). The tripled experience gained during this period made it difficult to keep your professions leveled with your character level. In an effort to have at least one profession leveled I picked up herbalism, especially since my “friend” had mining covered.

Since that initial leveling experience Herbalism has undergone many changes and has led to some amazing experiences for me. WotLK brought us Lifeblood, which in Cataclysm changed slightly to use your skill in Herbalism to absorb energy and nutrients from the earth, instantly healing minor wounds and granting 120 haste rating for 20 sec. Cataclysm also brought us the fun Lifegiving Seed, which you can use to Disguise yourself as an herb. We also now gain experience from picking flowers! This was a particularly interesting change from Cataclysm, because I took the advice of an amazing blog (linked below) and managed a fun achievement on my Tauren Druid (yes, I know it’s overpowered with 310% flight form and the herbalism racial). I’ve also found it immensely relaxing to gather herbs while waiting for the battleground queues, questing, or watching a TV show.

Realm First Illustrious Herbalism

Regardless of which profession you select while leveling or if you wait until the level cap before starting your leveling process, I recommend using a profession leveling guide such as those found at Caliope’s Crafter’s Tome or Both of these two sites have amazing information on the cheapest and most efficient path to leveling everything from Alchemy to Tailoring.

Happy Healing!


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