Posted by: Makakai | August 4, 2011

Snippets Week 32: Catching Up

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I lost track of which day it was and forgot to post on Tuesday, I must have had a run-in with a Jedi… So today’s post is going to be a “Snippets” post.


Updates to Healing 101 Guides

I’ve periodically gone back and updated my Cataclysm dungeon guides with additional strategies and information as I notice the popularity of a guide. For example, I’ve recently updated Shadowfang Keep since that seems to be a really popular dungeon according to my site search terms. Additionally, I’ve added a Dungeon Guides page with links to my guides to keep them more accessible. I would like to eventually add to these guides with “guides” to the troll dungeons as well as ones for the dungeons while leveling. The troll dungeons have not been done because I haven’t run a lot of them this summer due to RL stuff. The latter is a rather significant undertaking and I’m still not sure how useful folks would find healing 101 guides for lowbies.


Feral is Epic Too

Blog guides provide a easy to understand “cliff notes” version the theorycrafting information folks want to know but can’t always wade through the math to understand. Therefore, Resto is Epic’s Feral Bear Quick Guide is a great example of how useful those can be at anytime during an expansion. I know I don’t include a section in my Druid page on feral, but I chose not to because they don’t use mana during regular play, and a limited mana pool reduces the usefullness of their emergency heals. That doesn’t mean that Healing Druids don’t dual spec as feral dps, so here’s an alternative source for those folks.


Learning Thru PvP

The best way to learn a new class is to put yourself in situations in which you need to use all of your spells and abilities to survive. What aspect of WoW comes the closest to this concept? Player versus Player: the video game version of “survival of the fittest”. Learning, relearning, or just getting comfortable with all of my spells on every new toon I roll motivates me to queue for a couple of battlegrounds while I level. It’s a great no pressure way to learn to get comfortable with your cooldowns, utility spells, and UI. On top of that you might just find you enjoy PvP enough to be serious about rated battlegrounds and/or arena. That’s why I want to provide a link to Cynwise’s latest post on choosing your PvP gear. Cynwise provides an easy to use spreadsheet that can be adapted for any class to prioritize your PvP gearing.


More on Spreadsheets

I’ve been playing around with a variety of healing class spreadsheets for various activites (including PvP as seen above) and an interesting characteristic kept cropping up. I found that they all tend to emphasize HPS (health/heal per second) as the gearing and math goal. Unfortunately, that can make it somewhat difficult for a new healer to properly balance their gear for healing throughput versus mana regen. One alternative is to derive a kind of balanced metric as The Inconspicuous Bear did in their Resto spreadsheet. Considering how daunting the math can be for a new player that just wants to be geared correctly so they don’t get laughted out of a heroic pug; having simple tools to use in gearing that can be explored as they get more comfortable with the concepts is critical. I suspect I will be exploring the spreadsheet end of theorycrafting in more detail than just my “plug-n-chug” casual affair with it I’ve had since I started WoW.


Happy Healing!


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