Posted by: Makakai | August 17, 2011

Zul’Aman Healing 101

ZA Loading ScreenI’ve finally decided to produce a new set of Healing Cataclysm Installments for the ‘Troll Heroics’. I’ll be starting with Zul’Aman because I like that one the best of the two; Jin’do likes to troll me. I’ll continue with the boss by boss rundown with any notable trash that you’ve come to expect. Again these instances represent content that is only relevant on heroic so the gear linked will be the heroic versions.

Akil’Zon (Eagle)
On the left side of the instance the first boss you’ll encounter has roughly two parts, a basic tank/dps/heal part and a “everyone stand in place X” part that cycles until the boss is killed. During the basic fight part, the boss does Static Disruption, which is an AoE ability that’ll hit anything within 12 yards of Akil’zon and leave a debuff increasing nature damage taken by 25%, so spread out and if you can, paladins and shaman, use your nature resist. Dispel the debuff Call Lightning from the tank. During the second part, stand UNDER whoever has become the targeted player for the Electric Storm. He’s an umbrella that will save you from the deadly lightning. Finally, new to the encounter are Eagles called Amani Kidnappers that will pick players up and fly them around (don’t worry you can still heal if you’re picked up) doing increasing damage until they are killed. There are also a ton of non-elite brown birds that you’ll need to heal through the minor damage from (mostly just annoying).

Bracers of Hidden Purpose – Paladin’s rejoice if you see them!
Feathers of Akil’Zon – Druid shoulders with +Haste
Leggings of Ancient Magics – Alternative Pants upgrade if you’re a priest suffering from bad drop luck

Notable Trash
The bear riders guarding the alter of the next boss, especially in combination with the additional mobs, will wipe a group pretty quickly. A well timed Hex can certainly save you a headache.

Nalorakk (Bear)
Your first boss on the right side of the instance, Nalorakk, shapeshifts between caster and bear. In caster form, Nalorakk charges the furthest player standing away, inflicting a +500% damage taken debuff on the target. Rotate with other group members in being the furthest person away, usually the 3 dps will rotate as soakers. If you are assigned as a soaker, focus target the dps right before your turn and when you see the Surge debuff appear move out away from the boss, then move back in when you receive the debuff. When he switches to bear form there is heavy damage on the tank from Lacerating Slash so it’s a good time to use cooldowns. Also he does an AoE silence during this time, so make sure the tank is at full health right before he changes form.

Armbands of the Bear Spirit – Druid bracers with +Crit
Boots of the Ursine – Alternative Boots upgrade with +Mastery/Crit

Halazzi (Lynx)
Halazzi is one of the few bosses in this instance, that as a healer you mostly just need to keep the green bars filled. Stand in the green healing circle from Halazzi’s Water Totem as it grants mana. At 66% and 33%, Halazzi will summon Spirit of the Lynx and heal to 100%. The DPS should be focusing on killing the Spirit (which likes to randomly rush players), but does massive damage that healers will need to stay on top of. As a side note: if your group has decided not to destroy the Corrupted Lightning Totem, expect massive amounts of AoE damage.

Shadowmender Wristguards – Alternative Druid Bracers with +Haste/Mastery
Wristwraps of Departed Spirits – Priest Bracers with +Mastery

Notable Trash
The trash packs leading up to the next boss, will include Amani’shi Scouts. They run to a nearby drum and summon 2-3 Amani’shi Reinforcements, so if your dps aren’t ready to take these guys out you have similar wipe experiences as you do in the hallway leading up to Ozruk in Stonecore. Tailors can use an Embersilk Net to hold them in place until the dps can down them if they start running for the drums.

Jan’Alai (Dragonhawk)
Jan’Alai is mostly a mana conservation fight for healers. There isn’t a lot of damage if the group stays out of Flame Breath (straight line fire attack), but the Flame Buffet (which you should be cleansing off the tank) from the hatched eggs will suck your mana quickly. Watch for the Fire Bombs and make sure you don ‘t stand near them. Once Jan’Alai reaches 35% health, he will hatch all of the remaining eggs. If the dps have managed the hatchers appropriately, the number of dragonhawks should be managable even on the last legs of your mana. Once these dragonhawks are down, it’s simply a dps and mana race to the finish.

Boots of Bad Mojo – Paladin Boots with +Haste
Hawkscale Waistguard – Alternative Shaman Waist with +Haste/Mastery

Hexlord Malacrass
The two adds on the dias with hexlord Malacrass can each be one of eight different mobs. These can be crowd controlled and interrupted, so hopefully your group has the right combination of CC or interrupts to take care of that. Druids should remember they can Hibernate the Dragonkin if it’s one of the adds. Malacrass will assume the powers at random of the different classes in your group due to his power drain. Holy Paladins, your group will invariably take a lot of damage from the consecration power he’ll use. Moonfire from druids, mind blast from priests, and chain lightning from shaman can be painful to heal through too. Cleansing some of these abilities will be a quick drain on your mana so keep an eye on it.

Soul Drain Signet – A great ring with +Haste
Miniature Voodoo Mask – A fun trinket

Daakara has three phases in which he will switch between two animal forms and a caster form every 33%. The two animal forms can be either
Bear and Eagle or Lynx and Dragonhawk.
Lynx: Daakara spawns two adds that can quickly destroy a player if they are not killed quickly, between Lynx Rush and Claw Rage. The tank should taunt during Claw Rage to split the damage taken. Claw Rage will hit one person repeatedly, and said person needs to be healed. It hurts a lot. Hopefully the tank is taunting during Claw Rage to split the damage taken.
Dragonhawk: Daakara creates Column of Fire that will spring up underneath you. Move out of them. He also will periodically cast Flame Whirl and “Flame Breath. Move out of them too.
Bear: Daakara casts Creeping Paralysis which can be cleansed. In this form just follow the same strategy as you did for Nalorakk.
Eagle: Daakara casts Summon Cyclone that spawns 5 cyclones for players to dodge. Players that run into cyclones will be hit by Zap. Be sure to kill the Lightning Totem to prevent additional damage from going out. As part of Energy Storm all spells cast will deal damage to the caster so be smart about deciding when to heal. It’s similar to Sindragosa’s Unchained Magic in ICC.

Amani Scepter of Rites – 1-Handed Healing Mace with +Mastery
Amani Headdress – Druid Helm with +Mastery
Hexing Robes – Priest Chest with +Mastery
Mask of Restless Spirits – Shaman Helm with +Crit


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