Posted by: Makakai | August 19, 2011

Friday Screencap 1: Representing You

Welcome to my Friday Screencaps wherein I’ll be presenting my take on the Through Your Interface – 15 Days of Screen Shots WoW Blogging Challenge. My little twist on this “Meme” was to make a “story” out of the combination of each day’s screenshots, extend the experience to 20 ‘days’, and to work on a writing topic that is “not entirely healery”. You’ll notice that I’ll be using and re-interpreting some of the topics from the 20 Days of… WoW Blogging Challenge meme as well.

This Friday I present “Representing You”: Show us an image that represents who you are in Azeroth and/or in real life.

Since I’m an altaholic healer, that loves to collect companion pets, I present my 2 Druids:

Druid U (on the left) is my main healer that gets all of the achievements and rare companion pets. Here she is with my favorite companion pet the Hyacinth Macaw (a guildie actually gave me that pet instead of putting it on the AH). Druid I (on the right) is my second druid healer (2 accounts) and is currently leveling her way through Outlands with Deathy. While posing my toons for this screenshot I noticed two things: 1) I’ve got a lot of “rp” pieces on U so I’ll be ready to transmogrify my gear in Patch 4.3 and 2) my second druid didn’t have very many companion pets.

Another part of my wow experience is that I enjoy all aspects of the game from questing to raiding to PvP, so here I present my Priest A in all of her PvP glory.

Ironically, I got the Baradin Fox on my priest and not my Druid U, so I’m always running around battlegrounds with my Fox following. I always imagine the sight this might bring to the Alliance players: bouncy priest healer runs in with a fox following, priest proceeds to heal her teammates while the fox dances on the corpses.

You’ll notice in both of the screencaps that while I show only female toons, the hair is not the same color or style across my toons, and I don’t really play a particular race. Each of my toons is unique and has a unique ‘personality’ even though I don’t play on an RP server. So representing my love of exploring new experiences with just a single character and screencap would be difficult to do. Fortunately, World of Warcraft provides an amazing variety of experiences for everyone.

Happy Healing!


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