Posted by: Makakai | August 23, 2011

Zul’Gurub Healing 101

I’ve finally decided to produce a new set of Healing Cataclysm Installments for the ‘Troll Heroics’. This week I’ll cover Zul’Gurub in a similar manner as I did Zul’Aman. I’ll continue with the boss by boss rundown with any notable trash that you’ve come to expect. Again these instances represent content that is only relevant on heroic so the gear linked will be the heroic versions.

Mini Boss: Florawing Hive Queen
Required for the quest Gurubashi Headhunter, Florawing is just to the left of the entrance to Zul’Gurub. The Hive Queen drops the Hive Queen’s Honeycomb with random herbs inside.

Notable Trash
Once you’ve crossed the bridges and defeated the trash packs leading up to the first boss, Venomancer T’Kulu is the first introduction of the Toxic Link effect; if you are linked with another player run away to put distance between you.

Mini Boss: Tor Tun
Required for the quest Gurubashi Headhunter, Tor Tun is an Ancient Turtle located in the water to your right. Has a chance to drop a BoE epic.

High Priest Venoxis
The High Priest Venoxis encounter is one that involves precise movement and positioning since the area will be covered with a poison maze. He has 2 phases, one during which you want to be precisely positioned and the second during which you need to carefully move through the maze.

During the 1st phase, Venoxis will frequently use Whispers of Hethiss, channeling a green beam at a random player that you need to heal through if the dps aren’t interrupting. Secondly, he will use Toxic Link. This is where your ability to move and position carefully comes into play. Standing in various locations such that the ranged folks are spread out in a semi-circle along the edges of the room from the tank and melee can reduce the amount of movement through the maze to break the link. Just don’t run onto the Venomous Effusion (the maze) as you will take immense damage.

During the second phase, Venoxis transforms into a serpent and increase the physical damage he deals. During this phase he summons green Pool of Acrid Tears and uses a localized AoE (you are standing on the edges of the room right?) both of which should be minimal if folks aren’t standing in it and tank is moving the boss appropriately. At the end of this serpent phase he will walk to his altar and channel Bloodvenom, summoning three Bloodvenom Tendrils. This is where precise movement comes into play. These tendrils will target a random player and follow after them, dealing massive damage to anyone close. Here you should stack up in one place and run together, so you do not lead your tendril into someone else. Rinse and repeat.

Signet of Venoxis – Ring with +Haste/Mastery
Breastplate of Serenity – Shaman Chest with +Mastery

Bloodlord Mandokir
The Bloodlord Mandokir encounter is essentially a DPS race, and somewhat of a gear check. The arena in which find Mandokir and his pet raptor Oghan is surrounded by 8 Chained Spirits which represent a ‘soft enrage’ as each one grants you an one-time resurrection that also buffs Mandokir.
Mandokir starts the fight mounted on his raptor, but once he dismounts he will start using Devastating Slam. A red area on the ground in cone shape will produce spikes shooting-up and inflicting massive damage to anyone standing there. Get out of it so that you don’t waste your rezzes on this ability. Mandokir will also cast Bloodletting on a random player, draining 50% of the current health of the target every 2 seconds for 10 seconds, and heals Mandokir for three times the amount of damage dealt. You will need to keep the player as low of health as possible during the effect, but heal that player very quickly after the spell is over. Finally, the ability that confuses healers the first time through is Decapitate, a one-shot ability that you can’t avoid. Mandokir will randomly charge a party member (including the tank) and instantly kill them. The dead party member will then be resurrected by one of the Chained Spirits found around the arena, consuming the spirit in the process.Whenever a party member dies to Decapitate, Mandokir gains a stack of Level Up, increasing his damage dealt by 20%. At 20% health, Mandokir will enrage into an undispellable Frenzy, making his attack speed 100% faster. Use whatever cooldowns you have available.

Touch of Discord – Wand with +Crit/Haste if you’ve not gotten a wand upgrade

Edge of Madness (Archeology Boss)
The summoning of this random archeology boss requires a player with an Archaeology skill level of 225 to activate one each of the troll, night elf, fossil, and dwarf artifacts scattered around the room. The Archeology boss that appears will be either Hazza’rah, Renataki, Wushoolay, or Gri’lek. Don’t forget to pick-up your Mysterious Gurubashi Bijou at the end.
Hazza’rah periodically summons adds via Nightmare. These adds target a player and stun them with Waking Nightmare. If the add reaches the targeted player, it will use Consume Soul and kill the player.
Renataki periodically casts Ambush and Thousand Blades, a version of Fan of Knives on steroids. Run out of his whirlwinding path until he is done attacking and heal the ambushed target.
Wushoolay casts several lightning abilities you must move away from. Players close to Lightning Rod must run away to avoid being killed. Also avoid the Forked Lightning and Lightning Cloud.
Gri’lek periodically targets a player, grows in size, deals more damage, and moves noticeably slower. He does an emote when targeting a player, so everyone has time to move. Avoid his tremor and dispel roots.

Lost Bag of Whammies – Off-Hand with +Crit

Mini Boss: Gurubashi Master Chef
Required for the quest Gurubashi Headhunter, Master Chef, does Fish Slap (extra weapon damage) and some slows. He drops Master Chef’s Groceries with random meat inside.

Mini Boss: Mortaxx
Void walker mini boss required for the quest Gurubashi Headhunter that drops a Mealstrom Crystal. Watch his Psychic Scream as it will run players into the trash mobs in the room with him if they are not cleared first.

High Priestess Kilnar
The High Priestess Kilnar encounter is about add control and dps timing. During the first phase, Kilnar will be in caster/humanoid form, but much of the fight will be about the adds. After the pull, your group should engage each of the 4 packs of adds, one pack at a time. If the damage caused by the adds is too great of a strain, your tank can pull one or two adds at a time instead, as the adds within a group are not linked and will not aggro together. Most of the spells cast by Kilnar can be interrupted or avoided, but Wail of Sorrow cannot be avoided. Simply heal through it. Another visible ability that cannot be interrupted is Wave of Agony, where Kilnara will channel a huge purple wave wall. If you fail to avoid it, you will be knocked back far and suffer shadow damage. When the boss reaches 50% health, all adds currently alive will aggro so hopefully the tank and dps are watching their damage on the boss. Once at 50% health, the boss will cause the room to seeminly cave in and will take on a panther form, with slightly different abilities. She will also start gaining Rage of the Ancients, stacking every 5 seconds, and increasing the damage she does. The temple will begin to Cave In, dealing damage to everyone, so stay out of it. Kilnara will also use Ravage, dealing damage to a single target and Vengeful Smash, dealing AoE damage. Note that around 10-15% health the boss disappers for a few seconds before reappearing.

Claw-Fringe Mantle – Priest Shoulder with +Crit
Leggings of the Pride – Druid Legs with +Crit
Sash of Anguish
– Priest Belt with +Crit/Haste

Zanzil is a very busy fight that requires the group to make use of the different types of cauldrons in the area where you engage the boss: a fire cauldron (red), a frost cauldron (blue), and a poison cauldron (green). The two main abilities Zanzil uses, Voodoo Bolt and Zanzili Fire involves interrupting and moving out of the bright line of fire that deals ticking damage to anyone standing in it. Zanzil will also perform another three actions during the encounter that require use of the cauldrons. You as the healer should be standing near the green cauldron so that when Zanzil covers the floor in poison you can easily grab the debuff from the cauldron and reduce the damage. Another special ability is Zanzil’s Resurrection Elixir in which Zanzil summons a Berserker. A party member should take the blue cauldron debuff and attack the Berserker dealing massive damage and ice-blocking the mob. However, if he is not stunned he will chase a party member; you do not want to get caught. Finally, when Zanzil summons zombies from one of the bone piles in the room, a designated party member will pick up Burning Blood from the red cauldron and aggro the zombies. This debuff does AoE damage to the zombies and damages friendly players, so healing is the most intense for this cauldron.

Spiritbinder Spaulders – Shaman Shoulders with +Haste
Plumed Medicine Helm – Priest Helm with +Mastery

Mini Boss: Gub
Required for the quest Gurubashi Headhunter, Gub is a melee tank/dps/heal mob. He drops Gub’s Catch with random fish inside.

Mini Boss: Lost Offspring of Gahz’ranka
Required for the quest Gurubashi Headhunter, it drops Water-Filled Gills with Volatile Water or a possible BoE epic.

Jin’do the Godbreaker
Jin’do the Godbreaker is the final troll of the instance, and is a two phase encounter. In the first phase you will face Jin’do himself, while in the second phase you are transported to the spirit realm where he is really trollish.

During the first phase you get to play the Hokie Pokie with a Deadzone. When Jin’do starts to cast Shadows of Hakkar step under the bubble to take 90% less magic damage. Unfortunately, it applies a debuff which reduces your casting speed, so you want to step out as soon as the effect is over. Fortunately, the damage is not high during this phase because you want to have as much mana as possible going into the second phase.

On reaching 70% health, Jin’do will transport everyone into a spirit realm for the second phase of the fight. The goal is to destroy the three Hakkar’s Chains, each protected by a Brittle Barrier. The Gurubashi Berserkers, found on the lower platforms that your group traveled through to get to Jin’do, will be pulled up onto the platform by the tank. Your party members should be positioned near the barriers so that when they Body Slam a player, the barrier close to the targeted player is broken. Once the barrier is broken, the chain is attackable and the dps can kill the chain and the Beserker. Once that chain is finished off, the party members should move to other barriers and the tank brings up another Berserker. Keep doing this for the rest of the chains one by one to finish the fight.

However, thoughout the fight two other annoyances will be interfering with your progress, Shadow Spike and Twisted Spirits. The Shadow Spike is a targeted purple spike flying through the air that is announced by a white cloud puff appearing on the ground. Don’t stand in the white puffy clouds. Secondly, the Twisted Spirits will keep spawning and aggroing on you. A good strategy is for a ranged DPS player to handle the adds exclusively as eventually you will be overrun if you face too many. Dealing with the adds as a healer is the most difficult part of this fight, mostly it’s trusting the DPS to keep them off of you and hanging out near the tank so they can be taunted easily if needed. Additionally, the area where a Body Slam is performed is covered in a purple zone, which causes any targets within it to take 100% increased damage (including the chains and the spirits). The zone disappears after a short while.

Don’t forget to pick up your Zul’Gurub Stone for the quest.


Legacy of Arlokk
– 2-Handed Staff with +Haste/Mastery
Zulian Ward – Off-Hand with +Crit/Haste
The Hexxer’s Mask – Priest Helm with +Haste
Vestments of the Soulflayer – Druid Chest with +Crit/Mastery


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