Posted by: Makakai | August 30, 2011

Snippets Week 36: The Silly

I can’t believe how many weeks one of the search terms for my blog is something like “silly druid” or “world of warcraft jokes”. Is World of Warcraft too serious for people? Clearly there is a lack of humor if one of the best hits they get from a search engine is my Silly Page. So to get this week started I present to you my personal “Troll Quote” meme production:

For Science!


Updates to Class Pages

On a serious note, I’m slowly going through my blog and updating the information available. Recently I’ve gone through each of my class pages and updated the information for Patch 4.2. The pages in which the update is “in progress” just means that the dps specs that I had some information for has not been touched so dpsers beware.



Transmogrification has taken the WoW community by storm. In case you are confused as to the purpose or the utility. It provides a way for players to “customize” their character’s appearance through cosmetically changing the appearance of their gear. Or to bring a different/simplistic slant, now we get to play dress-up with our toons! If you are still having trouble deciding on which items you want to use or just now are getting into the idea of “transmogging” here are some resources that I’ve collected from various forums and/or blogs:


DPS Perspectives

This past week while Jasyla from Cannot be Tamed was away she had a guest post a somewhat “tongue in cheek” view of healers from the dps’ perspective by Zwingli of Zwingli’s Weblog O’WoW. If you’ve not seen the post On the Care and Feeding of Healers, do check it out.


Happy Healing!


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