Posted by: Makakai | September 20, 2011

Deathwing’s Warmaster

Hunter and Druid with Ooze pet
Unfortunately, I returned from Dragon*Con with the flu that turned into ick and crud (hence the picture of the ooze pet)… I’m back, not 100%, but better, so here’s an attempt at posting!

I’m continually amazed at the depth of knowledge of many RP’ers on the lore of Warcraft, but from a lore beginner’s perspective it can be hard to jump in at this late point and still understand what’s going on. That’s why something like what Gauss does with his “Lore Fail Days” can be so helpful, which appropriately today covered Deathwing!

The official preview of the raid that will be unveiled for tier 13 and the final raid of cataclysm presents us with a raid that will contain “six mighty bosses” before the Deathwing encounter. Based on the preview I’d guess one of these will be Warmaster Blackhorn. It also reads like we will face another 3D fight akin to Occulus and TotFW when “players will parachute from soaring gunships to attack the monster mid-flight and attempt to weaken him by ripping away his armor, exposing the molten flesh beneath”. Didn’t Blizzard learn that 3D fights were a BAD IDEA when they had to bribe players to run the Occulus?

Happy Healing!


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