Posted by: Makakai | October 21, 2011

/Inspect Paladin

9 circles of mmo hell This week I took a closer look at the Paladin Class Feedback Forum, which is brought to you by one posts’ comparison of Paladins to Dante’s Inferno. I personally just like the line, “Justice urged on my exalted Creator: Divine Power made me, The Supreme Wisdom and the Primal Love” (Dante, Inferno: Canto III).

This sample of paladin posts were drawn from a semi-random sample of 3 pages on the forum in which healing was mentioned. The 18 posts I looked at contained 8 posters claiming at least some PvP experience and all of the posters claiming PvE experience. None of the posts I reviewed were by a player that was strictly a PvP player.

The biggest quality of life issue mentioned by seven (7) of the posters was the need to talent into the ability to dispel magic debuffs. This is a difficult transition for many Paladin players with the introduction of Cataclysm because this was a standard Pally ability in previous expansions that has now been relegated to ‘optional’ status. However, no suggestions for improvements were provided by the sample group.

Two factors in the Paladin struggle with mana regeneration are the healing reduction during the use of Divine Plea (6 posts) and the use of Judgement in the healing rotation (2 posts). Both of these issues came up in association with controlling mana regeneration, since there is limited ability for Paladins to generate a burst of mana regeneration as there is for the other healing classes. While there is a ‘/cancelaura’ work around for the Divine Plea mechanics to reduce the healing impact, the mana regen is then further limited. Additionally, the frequent loss of a GCD to maintaining Judgement uptime has impacted Paladin efficiency during high work load encounters.

Interestingly, several posters (4) mentioned the ‘ramp up’ time associated with Holy Power and included a plea for it’s redesign on their wishlists. However, there is a facet to this new mechanic that makes the Paladin playstyle enjoyable. Only time will tell if additional tinkering with the spells associated with Holy Power generation and sinks will alleviate some of the tension here. At least there were some interesting recommendations on changes to these spells to make the Holy Power mechanic more interesting. One of which was to make the cone for Light of Dawn wider or radial from the Paladin, thereby increasing it’s effectiveness even though it’s tied to Holy Power generation.

This brings me to the topic of AoE healing and the positional requirements of Holy Radiance and Light of Dawn (6 posts). Holy Radiance constrains the Paladin’s range for AoE healing and Light of Dawn constrains the direction that the Paladin is facing and the angle of the other players from the Paladin.

The topic of highest priority on Paladin wishlists (7 posts) was a change to Mastery (Illuminated Healing). Illuminated Healing only produces the ‘bubble’ from direct heals and doesn’t transfer or work on the Beacon of Light target. For this reason, Paladins feel like mastery is more of a small bonus to their healing rather then a stat actually worth taking. Suggestions included changing it to a way to generate holy power, or at the least make it work on the Beacon of Light heals.

As expected, the Paladin feedback mentioned problems with Flash of Light and Divine Light. The reduced use of Flash of Light and Divine Light are another problem similar to what I’ve found mentioned for the other classes. For a review of how much the Paladin feedback on these concepts is interesting in light of the numbers see the Druid Feedback post.

A total of 20 different abilities were mentioned as being unused spells including Flash of Light (9 posts), Hand of Salvation (9 posts), Light of Dawn (5 posts), and Turn Evil (5 posts). At least with the ‘Hand’ spell, it has very situational uses, explaining it’s placement on this list.

Happy Healing!


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