Posted by: Makakai | December 13, 2011

Well of Eternity Healing 101

Well of Eternity Loading ScreenThe next in sequence for the new instances is probably the longest of the three due to the amount of trash that needs to be cleared, so settle in folks. I’ll continue with the boss by boss rundown, with any notable trash mentioned, that you’ve come to expect. Again these instances represent content that is only relevant on heroic so the gear linked will be the heroic versions.

The first boss, Peroth’arn, following our theme of children’s games is a little like the game Blind man’s bluff. The encounter has two phases, starting with the Peroth’arn fight in phase one and the Eyes of Peroth’arn of in phase two. During phase one the tank will acquire Corrupting Touch, a stacking debuff that will eventually kill the tank, making the overall fight a DPS race. Throughout this phase Peroth’arn will cast Fel Flames on a random player, a smokey green circle will appear under you that you need to move out of. Furthermore, he will randomly target a player with Fel Decay, and any healing done to that player will cause you to suffer damage equal to the amount healed as Shadow damage. I’ve not had issues with healing it or not, so chose to heal the target based on overall party damage and your mana levels, as you could risk a player dying to the Fel Flames.

At 60% health Peroth’arn will cast Drain Essence and enter phase two in which his Eyes will spawn. Most groups will run to the pillars around the courtyard and evade them to let the shadowcloak buff stack for a bit. The longer you evade the eyes the more stacks you’ll get. However failing to dodge the eyes will cause the boss to stun you for 8 sec and increase his attack speed. Shaman and Druids can enter ghost wolf and travel form to avoid the eyes pretty successfully. Also, since everyone runs around spread out during the this phase the tank will not necessarily be close enough to the targeted player to taunt, so be prepared to lose a dps to his attack. This phase can be faked by having the tank purposefully attract the attention of an Eye so that they get the boss’ attack and returning to phase one. At 20% he goes into a frenzy and you need to burn him down. Also, if you plan to use heroism/bloodlust/timewarp during this fight, use it after the eye phase.

Horned Band – Ring +Crit/Haste
Orb of the First Satyrs – Reforgeable Off-Hand (DPS) +Hit/Haste

Queen Azshara
The Queen Azshara fight tends to be the most difficult fight in this instance because it requires cooperation and timing from the dps (which can be in short supply from pugs). In this encounter you don’t actually fight the Queen but her Enchanted Magi in three packs of two magi each activation. Each activation is on a timer so if the previous 2 don’t die, you will get the next two regardless. Throughout the fight she targets a random player with Hand of the Queen, causing them to become a puppet. Destroying the puppet strings releases the player from Azshara’s control, but during that time a lot of damage can occur from the controlled player. The other thing she does is a spell called Total Obedience, which is interruptible and should never be cast (shaman can help out if the damage is low at that point). The 3 types of Magi are Fire, Frost, and Arcane which will require you to spread out to avoid the AoE damage. The Arcane Magus does an AoE called Arcane Shock, which does a large amount of damage and can be interrupted which will save your mana so shaman may want to take care of this. The Fire Magus does a targetted AoE Firebomb and the Frost Magus will randomly charge a player as well as cast Coldflame, all good reasons to stay spread out.

After you defeat Queen Azshara and jump on the dragons, you can skip the cutscene by right right clicking the mount for the skip option. Or you can walk over to the portal and get ported down to the next encounter.

Scepter of Azshara – Mace +Crit

Notable Trash
At the Abyssal Doombringer, Illidan applies a buff called Waters of Eternity that reduces the damage done by the Abyssal’s fire attacks by 90%. However, this buff is range-based, so if you stand too far away from Illidan as he attacks the Abyssal, you will lose the buff. Next, you encounter three Shadowbats, with an ability called Displacement that makes them immune to non-AoE damage, so some spot healing might be called for until the dps figure out how to damage them.

Mannoroth and Captain Varo’then
This final encounter is a two phase fight with some various strategies depending on if you are working towards the That’s Not Cannon! achievement. In the first phase, you normally fight Captain Varo’then while Illidian and Tyrande fight off Mannoroth. However, if you are working on the achievement, the dps will be fighting Mannoroth to do about 10 million damage to him so that he kills the Captain for you. Throughout the fight Mannoroth will cast Fel Firestorm just like the first boss in Baradin Hold, ‘don’t stand in fire’.

The second phase begins after Captain Varo’then dies. If you don’t see a dps pick up his Magistrike Blade, make sure you pick it up and throw it at Mannoroth to apply Magistrike Arc. This fight is only complicated by the fel adds that the tank should be picking up before they reach you, but during Fel Firestorm you might pick up some of these adds so bring them back over to the tank. Finally, phase three will occur after Tyrande collapses, and at this point you may need to run into the Blessing of Tyrande to help corrall the adds and pick up the damage buff. If you can, pop a quick dot or something on the two Dreadlord Debilitators on either side. At this point the healing should be minimal and you can go to town on Mannoroth.

Foul Gift of the Demon Lord – Trinket +Int
Cowl of Highborne Sorcerors – Priest Helm +Crit/Mastery
Helm of Power – Paladin Helm +Haste/Mastery
Spaulders of Eternity
– Druid Shoulders +Crit/Mastery
Demonsbane Chestguard – Shaman Chest +Crit/Mastery


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