Posted by: Makakai | January 4, 2012

Hour of Twilight Healing 101

The final dungeon in the new set is probably my favorite of the three because it reminds me of a cross between Halls of Reflection and Escape from Durnhold. I’ll continue with the boss by boss rundown, with any notable trash mentioned, that you’ve come to expect. Again these instances represent content that is only relevant on heroic so the gear linked will be the heroic versions.

Following our theme of children’s games this instance is like one long game of tag with periodic breaks to rest. In the first encounter, Arcurion will cast Hand of Frost which should be interrupted. Everyone should be avoiding the Icy Boulders. Dispel Chains of Frost, especially from the tank and melee as they need to be able to move and position. At 30% health he starts to cast Torrent of Frost, an AoE damage that you will just have to heal through. Compared to the first boss in Shadowfang Keep you still might need to use cooldowns but you won’t have to worry about it occuring while the party is at low health to begin with.
Don’t forget to pick up your Urgent Twilight Missive for the quest, then talk to Thrall to continue on.

Surestride Boots – Shaman Boots +Haste/Mastery
Evergreen Wristbands – Druid Bracers +Crit/Mastery

Asira Dawnslayer
The Asira Dawnslayer fight is the most complex fight in this instance and definitely requires Tank and Healer situation awareness. Her main attack is Choking Smoke Bomb, just like Vanessa uses in Deadmines, except Asira casts it constantly. The tank should be kiting her out of the smoke bomb and next to the Rising Fire Totem cast by Thrall with their back to the casters/healers. This tactic is to avoid being silenced by Throw Knife. You will need to stand behind someone because her ability is a physical attack and will not penetrate to other targets. Alternatively, you can also stand behind Thrall and he’ll take the silence attack instead. Use of hots and shields are a good tactic because invariably she’ll cast smoke bomb immediately followed by the knife attack, so you will get silenced.
Don’t forget to pick up your Urgent Twilight Missive for the quest, then hop on one of Alexstrasza’s drakes to fly you to the next gauntlet.

Cloak of Subtle Light – Cloak +Mastery
Leggings of Blinding Speed – Druid Leggings +Haste
Pauldrons of Midnight Whispers – Shaman Shoulders +Crit

Notable Trash
The Shadow Borers (eye stalks) in each set of trash mobs leading up the the Temple cast Shadow Bore which will invariably target the healer, so pray the dps get that mob down fast. They don’t really need to be tanked, so a melee dps can serve as a “tank” for the time it should take to get them down.

When you reach the entrance of Wyrmrest Temple and Archbishop Benedictus runs out to talk with Thrall, do not run ahead into the temple proper without Benedictus and Thrall as there is a bug that will cause Benedictus to despawn and render you unable to complete the instance. There are reports that this bug is still occuring even though Blizzard has indicated it has been fixed.

Archbishop Benedictus
This final encounter is a two phase fight with basically two sets of the same mechanics except that Thrall will be imprisoned in phase 2 so that he can’t help you. The dps should be interrupting Smite and Twilight Blast, otherwise some targeted damage may need to be healed. In phase 1 Thrall will dispel Righteous Shear, however in phase 2 you’ll need to dispel Twilight Shear (since he’s imprisoned). Note that the debuff stacks to 2, so you’ll need to dispel it twice. Stay spread out to avoid and reduce the AoE effects of Purifying Blast and Twilight Bolt. Peroidically, a huge wave, either Wave of Virtue or Wave of Twilight, will cross the platform and can be prevented by standing in the Water Shell in phase 1 and/or just avoiding it in phase 2.

Stalk of Corruption – Staff +Haste/Mastery
Pauldrons of Conviction – Paladin Shoulders +Mastery


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