Meme the Sixth

Another meme has taken the blog community by storm and it all started with my favorite gnome mage Gnomeaggedon. He decided to do one of those screenshot meme posts starting with the Sixth and it’s continued growing until it’s exploded. I would think he was a goblin mage if I didn’t know otherwise… So I decided to chime in here since I have not been tagged (yet). Also, based on Martha’s Tree I don’t know of any new bloggers that haven’t gotten involved so I won’t be tagging anyone myself. However, it’s been fun going through the “family tree” if you will…

Now on to my sixth image in my “sixth” folder, which since I only have 5 archive folders it’s the sixth one in my regular screenshot folder.

Lord Stompy Defeated

This is a Boss kill shot from back in August with my raid group which is composed of friends from 3 different guilds who get together twice a week for fun raiding. While we aren’t a “progression” raid group, we kill bosses while having a great time and still manage to keep up with the current content. So down with “Lord Stompy”!

Happy Healing!


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