Posted by: Makakai | April 10, 2012

VuhDo Guide: Introduction


I’ve posted previously on choosing your healing addons. Unfortunately, I mention in that post that the best resource for configuring Vuhdo was done by Tamarind, which has since disappeared from the internet. The hole left by the loss of this wonderful guide hasn’t been filled completely since then. So, in an effort to provide a detailed reference guide to use when you have those “I have ____ situation, but the general guides don’t cover that” moments, I’ve come up with something close to Tamarind’s effort.

First time Vuhdo users should follow the information in the Quick set-up process (I have quick links below as well). However, if you have questions about specific options this guide will cover nearly every option listed in the Vuhdo configuration window. It is broken into sections corresponding to the tabs and “buttons” in the addon that can be referenced individually.

This guide is based on version 2.136, so it should be up-to-date. Furthermore, the creator, Iza, is the moderator over on the Vuhdo Forums if you have any technical difficulties.

Following this set of guides from start to finish will walk you through the configuration needed to go from:
Starting Point

Quick Set-up Steps:
Under the General tab: The important options here are to display the 5 man MTs when in LFG so that you can figure out who is your tank (e.g., the warrior or the dk?). The ability to hide empty panels, or even hide VuhDo when you are soloing. Finally, you will be interested in locking your panels so that you can’t move them around your screen. I recommend selecting Party under Hide standard and enabling Announce Resurrection, but these options could be left alone if you need a quick install and go.
Under the Spells tab: Set up your mouseover/click target healing key-binds. I’ve posted suggestions for your key-binds elsewhere. Select a Modifier Key if you are playing a Druid (or a DK) so that you don’t use your Battle Rez at inopportune times.
Under the Buffs and Debuffs tab: Enable any buffs that you want to watch (probably your main class buff) and then enable “missing”. Enable the Buffwatch window under General to display a window to track the buffs selected in the previous section. Enable the “In Fight” and “Bar” options under Bar Color if you are interested in showing missing buffs by coloring the unit bar according to the Panel choices.
Under the Panel tab: If you plan to heal 25-man raids or battlegrounds you may find that adjusting the max. Columns and max. Rows under Ordering allows you to fit your VuhDo panel(s) into your UI more easily. Otherwise leave these options alone. Adjust the height and width of your unit frames, the rest of the options will probably be sufficient as they are. If you want to show mana or energy bars adjust the Mana Bar Height under Custom settings. Under Bar Color select Class Col. to show your health bars according to the player’s class. Enable the Show Targets if you want to show player targets in your VuhDo panels. Enable the Show and Spell Info under the Tooltips section so that you can see your keybound spells. Select a Text Position, I recommend center of the unit frame, and enable the Show Hitpoints option. Under Own HoTs select a HoT position configuration, I prefer the corners of the unit frame from my grid days. Under HoT Order select your spells according to which position location you want to display them on. I have an example set-up for my priest in the image for this section.

Common Configuration Questions:
Quick FAQs for common configuration questions posed through google searches and/or forums are included below as they are identified.

Advanced Set-up:
Part 1: General Tab
Aoe Advice
– To configure role indicators to show on your raid frames.
Part 2: Spell Tab
Keys Local
Keys Global
Smart Cast

Part 3: Buffs and Debuffs Tabs

Part 4: Panel Tab
Hot Icons
Hot Bars

Part 5: Colors
Modes –
To configure life threshold colors
HoTs #2
Classes –
To configure colors used for each class
Raid Icon

Part 6: Tools and Move
Key Layouts
Panel Wizard


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