Posted by: Makakai | April 11, 2012

Vuhdo Guide: Part 2

Spells Tab
This tab provides the configuration for your keybindings, which is one of the key components of a healing addon. Now you’ll be really getting into the meat of the configuration which might slow you down.

Spells (Mouse)

Quick: Follow the advanced set-up if you plan to heal using mouseover target or click-cast healing.
Advanced Set-up: I’ve mentioned before my preference for click-cast healing or mouseover macro healing, here is where you configure the nuts-and-bolts for that interaction.

The rule people try to follow is left click is your most used spell and right click is your second most used spell. Then continue through your healing spells using Modifier Keys. The image shows a sample of what that looks like for Shift-Left Click etc. You can assign any spell or action, including custom macros. Don’t forget to put in special key words too, such as target, menu, tell, and assist.

Note that if you have any custom macros that are named the same as the spell name, Vuhdo will use the macro over the spell. This is a common source of confusion as people are trying to assign spells to the mouse buttons and are forgetting they have at some point made macros with the same name. The right side of the input field will need to say “spell” if you’re assigning a spell and “macro” if assigning a macro.

Keys Local
Spells (Keys Local)

Quick: Leave these options alone.
Advanced Set-up: I personally do not use this section, but you would normally use this section to create local “macros” that interact only with the Vuhdo frames. Enter a macro name, edit it to enter the macro, then assign a keybind to this macro.

Keys Global
Spells (Keys Global)

Quick: Follow the advanced set-up only if you are using keybindings instead of mouseover/click target healing.
Advanced Set-up: This section essential creates a set of simplistic macros stored internally within VuhDo (they don’t use a blizzard macro menu slot). Similar to the Mouse section, you assign a spell name to a numbered slot. However, you cannot assign macro names here as VuhDo is already using these in macros and you can’t link a macro within another macro. These macros should work over all frames, whether vuhdo or not.

After you type in spell names you want to assign, go into the WoW Key Binding menu and set up the key bindings for each of these newly made macros. In the WoW keybinding menu, the Keybind Spell 1 in VuhDo raid frames section corresponds to the Key Bindings spell 1 in VuhDo. The numbers in the Key Bindings panel are not referencing keyboard keys, but a instead referencing the VuhDo section in the WoW keybinding menu.

If however, you like your macros to do very specific things, you like modifiers and spell combos etc., you can either make the macros yourself in the default WoW macro  menu, and bind to the mouse buttons or drag them to the action bars and use as any regular mouseover macros or you can use the Keys Local section of VuhDo.

Spells (Misc)

Quick: Leave these options alone.
Advanced Set-up: This section provides options for set-up of auto-triggering of any trinket or spell that doesn’t trigger the global cooldown. This will allow it to be used every time it is off cool down. Error sound and message suppression is built in as well so you don’t have to write out your own macros for this. In Miscellaneous, you can also set VuhDo to auto target whoever you are mousing over and healing currently by enabling Target. Enabling Keep Stance will allow you to switch back to Moonkin form if you quickly need to cast a heal. Stop Cast is a feature to create the Stop Cast rhythm that many long time healers used frequently in Vanilla and BC.

Spells (Hostile)

Quick: Follow the advanced set-up if you plan to heal using mouseover target or click-cast healing and you play a Discipline Priest, Paladin, and/or a Shaman with Telluric Currents.
Advanced Set-up: This section works similarly to Mouse but this applies to hostile targets. If you do NOT set-up to show targets or target of targets in Part 4 – Panels, then this section will not be useful to you. Clicking on hostile units directly will follow these mouse assignments.

If you are ever assigning a macro instead of a spell into any of the mouse button assignments under Spells (Mouse) and then you want to assign either a macro or a spell to the same mouse button here (and vice versa), you may have problems with spells not firing, spells firing only on certain targets, only on yourself etc. You will instead have to create your macro so that includes both the heal and the hostile action and assign it to both friendly and hostile sections. If you are referencing spells directly for both friendly and hostile assignment for that button, you do not need to follow this process.

Smart Cast
Spells (Smart Cast)

Quick: Select a Modifier Key if you are playing a Druid (or a DK) so that you don’t use your Battle Rez at inopportune times.
Advanced Set-up: In this section you can set certain actions to smartcast when clicking on the unit. However, these features really shine when paired with some of the features in Part 3: Buffs and Debuffs. Battle Rez can be set to smart cast in combat when clicking on the dead player’s bar while in combat. Most of these will be enabled by default, which as a raider may pose a problem when you are working on progression and don’t want to accidentally battle rez a downed player. In that case, set the Modifier Keys you would like this to work with here so that you still have the functionality but do not have to use it if you simply want to target someone or heal out of combat (or in combat in case of battle rez).



  1. I applaud you for writing this guide. I’ve always wanted to write one, spent many hours taking screenshots, but gave up on the whole thing because it was taking sooo long. I look forward to the next parts.

    • Thanks! I recently redid parts of my UI and decided now was the time to do this guide. I hope once it’s all posted, that my organization of the information is as useful as I’ve intended it to be.

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