Posted by: Makakai | April 13, 2012

VuhDo Guide: Part 3

Buffs Tab
This tab contains configuration settings for…you guessed it, buffing!

Buffs (Config)

Quick: Enable any buffs that you want to watch (probably your main class buff) and then enable “missing”.
Advanced Set-up: This section lets you choose which of your buffs you want to track. The first checkbox tracks the buff and if you have buffwatch enabled (covered later), it will be shown in the buffwatch window. The second checkbox, will enable you to have the health bar colored according to your setting for missing buff in the color-picker. The missing buffs take the priority of the order in which they are shown in this window, so the up/down buttons change that ordering. Targeted buffs like Thorns for druids allow you to assign who you will be tracking the buff on. You can also use the “menu” command within VuhDo to assign it to a particular group member. However, this assignment cannot be changed during combat, so you probably want to keybind the spell if you’re casting it on more than one target during an encounter.

Buffs (General)

Quick: Enable the Buffwatch window under General to display a window to track the buffs selected in the previous section.
Advanced Set-up: This section lets you enable and assign how the buffwatch window is displayed. The buffwatch window can be displayed in a compact format that can’t be easily moved around the screen. You can also enable/disable display of the buff names and the number of charges of the buff.

Buffs Colors

Quick: Enable the “In Fight” and “Bar” options under Bar Color if you are interested in showing missing buffs by coloring the unit bar according to the Panel choices.
Advanced Set-up: If you are displaying missing buffs by color directly on the unit frames, make sure you enable “In Fight” and “Bar”. While you won’t be able to click on the unit during combat to let vuhdo buff the player automatically for you, you at least can see who is missing the buff and decide whether you have the mana to reapply it to the raid. This is also where you would adjust opacity, coloring and border for the buffwatch panel, allowing it to better blend into your UI.

Buffs (Rebuff)

Quick: Leave these options alone.
Advanced Set-up: Mouse Wheel changes how you interact with the Buffwatch frame. Normally, clicking on the buffwatch frame will cast the desired buff, here you can choose to scroll through the buffs via the mouse wheel. In addition, here you set the threshold for the yellow warning text that the buff is about to run out in the Timers section. The Options checkbox allows Shamans to cast Call of the Elements directly off the buffwatch with a single buff button.

Debuffs Tab
This tab contains configuration for displaying (or not displaying) debuffs within your unit frames.

Debuffs (Standard)

Quick: Leave these options alone.
Advanced Set-up: This panel allows you to configure the display of players under a debuff that is removable by you. The options under Debuffs allow you to identify groups of Debuffs that will NOT be shown on the unit frames. Note that if you uncheck “non-harmful” VuhDo will show mages that are debuffed with arcane blast. Enabling Icons allows you to show all debuffs, including rends, bleeds, mob specific spells etc. This will display all of the debuffs that don’t fall into the basic categories of magic/poison/curse etc. However, it also means that you will see all the superfluous debuffs like exhaustion on the entire raid. If you choose to uncheck “Icons” and let the Custom debuff list take care of your debuffs, any magic/curse/poison/disease etc. debuffs that the boss casts will show up by color (since they are removable) but will not show up by icons. “Ignore list” is there to help you get rid of those debuffs you do not want to be seeing. Don’t forget to hit Save after entering each one and be careful of spelling. If you want to show icons for the removable debuffs but you want to use only custom debuffs list to show your debuffs, then enable the “Boss Only” option. Debuff sound will allow you to set a default sound for every debuff. In the next button section you can set it for individual debuffs.

Smart Cast
Debuff (Custom)

Quick: Leave these options alone.
Advanced Set-up: This section lets you select to display debuffs by icons or bar color, to display timers or stacks and even add the name of the buff on the bar if you’re confused what each icon is. The (De)Buff Defaults settings apply to all debuff icons in the custom debuff list. The Store/Delete settings are for individual debuffs you select in the list, allowing you to customize appearance of each debuff separately, in great detail. To avoid clutter in the debuff icon display, you can choose not to show a debuff by icon if you’re already showing it somewhere else in your UI (uncheck “Icon” in the right in Store/Delete section for the desired debuff). You can also associate a sound with an individual debuff in this panel. Note that the custom settings you set up here for individual debuffs will still apply and take priority eg. custom bar color or animation for a specific boss debuff.

Debuffs (Visuals)

Quick: Leave these options alone.
Advanced Set-up: Here you can adjust the size, position, and number of debuffs as they display on your VuhDo frames. You can show up to 5 debuff icons on any single bar at the same time. If you’ve choosen to use only custom debuffs in raid (unchecked Debuffs (Standard) – Icon), you’ll rarely see more than 2 icons anyway unless you’re doing PvP. Sliders in this section allow you to set x/y position for debuff icon bar and direction of growth. Overall debuff size can also be adjusted here. Another recent feature is customization of text for debuff timer and debuff stacks. You can adjust size, positioning and font for both of these numbers, making them easy to see.


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