Posted by: Makakai | January 25, 2014

Shado-Pan Monastery Healing 101

Shadowpan Monastery Loading ScreenThis next post of my Pandaria Healing 101 WoW dungeon guides will cover the mid-level dungeon, that you always seem to get when you queue for random dungeons. Shado-pan Monastery is a 5-man dungeon located in Kun-Lai Summit and has a Normal-difficulty and a Heroic-difficulty version of the dungeon. There are four bosses in this dungeon and some difficult trash packs. There are no differences in mechanics between Normal and Heroic modes for the Shado-pan Monastery. The only differences are increased health and damage done for all bosses and enemies. There are three achievements and 1 step to complete in this Heroic dungeon that count toward the meta-Achievement Glory of the Pandaria Hero: Hate Leads to Suffering!, Respect, and The Obvious Solution. The first boss in this instance is needed for the achievement Polyformic Acid Science.

Gu Cloudstrike
The fight against Gu Cloudstrike is a 3-phase fight. During the first phase, Gu casts an AoE Invoke Lightning so you need to be spread out to limit it’s damage. Additionally, the Azure Serpent will target a party member with StaticField which should be easy to avoid. This phase ends when Gu reaches 50% health. During the second phase, Gu becomes invulnerable and you have to kill his Azure Serpent. The serpent will cast a frontal cone Lightning Breath that should be easy to avoid. The second ability, Magnetic Shroud creates a healing absorption shield on all party members. Stack up and heal a party member (for 50,000/75,000) until the shields break. When this phase ends, Gu will activate again with an AoE ability called Overcharged Soul, which he casts more frequently as his health lowers.

Quick Tactics: Don’t stand in lightning. In phase 2, stack up for Magnetic Shroud and spam big heals onto one player.

Leggings of the Charging Soul – Mail legs +Haste/Crit (no spirit)
Heroic only Star Summoner Bracers – Leather wrists +Mastery

Master Snowdrift
The Master Snowdrift fight is also divided into 3 phases. During Phase One, he casts two abilities, which are mostly of concern to the tank and melee. However, if they don’t move out of the way you may need some quick heals. This phase lasts until Snowdrift reaches 50% health. During Phase Two, he creates images of himself in the two front corners of the room. These images keeps appearing and disappearing. When they are active, all they do is cast Ball of Fire, which creates a traveling ball of fire that damages players in its path. This phase lasts until the images are destroyed completely. The final phase introduces 2 new abilities. The first, Tornado Slam causes Snowdrift to fixate on a random party member and chase them. Run away! The other ability, is only of concern to Monks if they are fist weaving. In which case, hold of on your damaging spells.

Quick Tactics: Get behind him during Fists of Fury and away from him on Tornado Kick. Dodge the balls of fire. Watch your damage in Parry stance.

Quivering Heart Girdle – Plate waist +Mastery

Sha of Violence
The Sha of Violence has two main abilities that he uses throughout the fight: Smoke Blades and Sha Spike. Smoke Blades will ultimately buff melee player’s damage and healers/ranged will be too far away to be affected. The second ability, causes a spike to appear at the location of a random player. It also summons small add that attacks the group for 30 seconds (it can be killed). Move away from the ‘sha’ puddles when the ground beneath you starts vibrating. Discipline Priests and fistweaving Monks may find killing the add simpler than ignoring it, however, they explode upon death, so move away as they die. In addition, the healer and the tank need to be aware of Disorienting Smash, which regularly deals heavy Shadow Damage to the tank. This ability is dispellable and should be taken care of pretty easily.

Quick Tactics: Dispel disorient if you have time. Run from whirling smoke and move out of ‘sha’ puddles before spikes appear. Adds should die after only 30 seconds so ignore or smite them. He enrages at 30% health; use cooldowns if needed.

Gloves of Enraged Slaughter – Cloth gloves +Haste/Mastery (no spirit)
Heroic only Necklace of Disorientation – Neck +Mastery

Taran Zhu
Although not a difficult fight, the encounter with Taran Zhu has several different mechanics that will likely build up to a wipe if not handled well. The main mechanic is your Hatred bar, which fills as you take damage from the boss (and some is unavoidable), so you will have to empty it. To remove your hatred, you need to use your special action button, Meditate. This is a channeled ability, so you will kneel in a pool of light for a few seconds while it resets your Hatred.

There are three sources of hatred cast by Taran Zhu. The first, Rising Hate randomly targets players, but the cast can and should be interrupted. The second ability, Ring of Malice surrounds Taran Zhu with a Shadow ring for 15 seconds, which only damages players that touch it’s borders. Stand either inside or outside the ring, don’t cross it. Finally, Sha Blast is only cast when the Ring is active, and will deal a high amount of damage to the tank. So this is when you’ll need some extra heals ready.

The final mechanic is that of the Gripping Hatred. Throughout the fight, Taran Zhu will periodically Summon Gripping Hatred, which need to be killed as quickly as possible by the ranged dps. Melee should stay on the boss, as they have a damaging Sha zone underneath that players will be pulled into if they are not killed. Move out of the Sha zone if/when you are pulled into it.

Quick Tactics: Use Meditate early and often when the fight’s going well to empty your Hate bar. Help the ranged DPS kill Gripping Hatred ASAP. When ring appears, be either in or out – do not cross.

Blastwalker Footguards – Mail boots +Crit/Mastery (no spirit)
Mindbinder Plate Gloves – Plate gloves +Mastery
Darkbinder Leggings – Leather legs +Haste
Heroic only Robes of Fevered Dreams – Cloth chest +Crit/Haste (no spirit)
Heroic only Ring of Malice – Good ring if you still need one (no spirit)


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