Posted by: Makakai | January 28, 2014

Mogu’Shan Palace Healing 101

moguLoadingThis next post of my Pandaria Healing 101 WoW dungeon guides will cover another mid-level dungeon; the ones you always seem to get when you queue for random dungeons. Mogu’Shan Palace is a 5-man dungeon located in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and has a Normal-difficulty and a Heroic-difficulty version of the dungeon. There are three bosses in this dungeon and some difficult trash packs. There are no differences in mechanics between Normal and Heroic modes for the Mogu’Shan Palace. The only differences are increased health and damage done for all bosses and enemies. There are three achievements and 1 step to complete in this Heroic dungeon that count toward the meta-Achievement Glory of the Pandaria Hero: Glintrok N’ Roll, What Does This Button Do?, and Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet. The first boss in this instance is needed for the achievement Polyformic Acid Science.

Clan Leaders of the Mogu/Trial of the King
This encounter is similar to the Beasts encounter in Trial of the Crusade in Northrend. The three bossess will activate in a random order.

Kuai the Brute activates along with his pet quilen, Mu’Shiba. Kuai’s main ability is Shockwave, avoid standing in front of the boss. Meanwhile, Mu’Shiba will randomly pounce on players and put a DoT on them called Ravage. The dps should be killing Mu’Shiba first, in the meantime you’ll need to lay some heavier healing on the Ravage target.

Ming the Cunning is the most straight-forward of the three bosses. He has two ‘don’t stand in it’ abilities, Whirling Dervish and Magnetic Field. Ming’s main damage will be on the tank, so most of the healing will be on your tank.

Haiyan the Unstoppable is a stack-spread-stack fight. The party should stack for Meteor, which is a shared damage ability similar to the meteor used by the Four Hoursemen in Naxxramas. Haiyan also will randomly target a player for Conflagrate; move away from the targeted player to prevent it from moving to you. Finally, Haiyan will also put a DoT on the Tank which will reduce healing by 50% for 5 seconds.

At the end of the fight there is a set of stairs inset into the floor behind one of the clan groups, where the loot chest appears, you will need to take the stairs to get to the next fight.

Quick Tactics: The 3 bosses come in random order. Ming: Dodge tornadoes and don’t stand near him. Haiyan: group for meteor, run away from group if you have Conflagrate. Kuai: big heals on the lion’s target.

Hurricane Belt – Leather belt +Mastery

This fight consists of the main boss and his four followers, creating a combined boss, plus four mini-bosses fight. Many tanks will just jump over the balcony railing to start the fight, so hop over and be ready for an intense alpha strike. A good group will either use crowd-control on Glintrok Ironhide or kill him first. However, if that doesn’t happen the fight will take much longer, so use your mana recovery early and often. Additionally, the other three followers (Glintrok Skulker, Glintrok Oracle, and Glintrok Hexxer) have casted attacks which should be interrupted. The Hexxer’s Hex of Lethargy can be dispelled if he gets a cast off. Once the four followers are dead, Gekkan will have four stacks of Reckless Inspiration. With Reckless Inspiration, he will melee attack twice as often; this is heavy damage but concentrated on the tank.

Quick Tactics: CC Ironhide and keep him CCed. Use interrupts if you have them. Big heals needed on the tank after the four followers are dead.

Hexxer’s Lethargic Gloves – Mail gloves +Mastery
Glintrok Sollerets – Plate boots +Mastery
Cloak of Cleansing Flame – Cloak +Crit/Mastery (no spirit)

Notable Trash
The lions before Xin the Weaponmaster can and should be pulled separately from the boss. They have a pounce ability, which means they can be cc’d mid-leap for extra laughs.

Xin the Weaponmaster
This fight is mostly a don’t stand in it fight, so just watch where you are standing and move out of everything. There are only two sources of unavoidable damage, Inciting Roar and Death From Above!. Inciting Roar is an AoE damage, that hits for a moderate amount so keep everyone topped up if you can. Death From Above! causes arrows to target a player, so extra heals needed on the target(s). There is a common strategy wherein the tank will pull Xin into the door alcove with him facing one of the corners. This concentrates several of his abilities on the tank. You’ll still have to avoid some stuff and the tank will take increased damage.

Quick Tactics: Dodge whirling axes, lines of swords, and cirlces of fire. At 33% health, Death From Above! activates arrows that will randomly focus-fire group members.

Mind’s Eye Breastplate – Plate chest +Crit
Regal Silk Shoulderpads – Cloth chest +Mastery
Firescribe Dagger – Weapon if you still need an upgrade +Crit/Haste (no spirit)
Mindcapture Pendant – Neck +Crit
Soulbinder Treads – Cloth feet +Crit/Haste (no spirit)


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